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School Launches A Series Of Campus Energy Conservation Publicity Activities
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In order to thoroughly implement the concept of green development and build a green campus with a beautiful ecological environment, a strong cultural heritage, and energy and resource conservation, on December 13, the College's Comprehensive Security Department and the College Volunteer Association launched a series of activities of a campus energy conservation promotion with the theme of saving water and electricity.

This event promoted the values ??of ecological civilization to the teachers and students of the school through new media, banner, inkjet, promotional videos and on-site signature walls, strengthened the energy-saving awareness of teachers and students in learning, mobilized teachers and students to join the green campus construction and created a strong energy-saving living atmosphere. 

Volunteers also distributed water-saving and energy-saving tips to the majority of students: the lights went out in the classroom if there were no person, used air conditioning in accordance with regulations, and found that dripping faucets were actively turned off to prevent energy from “running, fuming, dripping, and leaking”.

A WeChat tweet from the College Volunteer Association entitled "Water and Power Saving New Green Life-We Are in Action" was frequently retweeted and praised by teachers and students. The tweet from the establishment of energy-saving development concepts, from the perspective of physical and mental health, pictures and texts, and encourages teachers and students to start from small things, save every drop of water, save every kilowatt-hour.  After reading this tweet, Ms. Wang Luting from the Tourism Institute expressed her feelings. "From this promotion, we can see that the school attaches great importance to energy conservation. I believed that this promotion can make teachers and students realize the harm of wasting energy. The green campus life should start from itself and start from small things. I also believe that more and more teachers and students will strengthen the awareness of saving water and electricity, consciously do not waste energy, save energy, and make a contribution to the campus and society."