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Member Assembly of The Independent College Branch of Zhejiang Higher Education Society was Held in Our College
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On November 15th, the member assembly of the Independent College Branch of the Zhejiang Higher Education Society was held in our college. Shi Jianxiang, Secretary General of Zhejiang Higher Education Society, and Chen Da, Researcher of Development Planning Department of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department attended and spoke. Xuan Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Foreign Studies University, gave a keynote speech at the academic seminar. The heads of 19 independent colleges in the province attended the meeting. Li Penglin, dean of the college, and Pan Haihan, vice president, attended the meeting.

Second member congress plenary meeting

The conference heard and reviewed the work report of the first council, reviewed and approved the "Working Rules of the Independent College Branch of Zhejiang Higher Education Society" (draft), and elected 20 second council members.

First meeting of the second council

At the first meeting of the second council, the second council executive director, chairman, deputy director, secretary general and deputy secretary-general were elected. Professor Li Penglin, the president of our college, was elected as the chairman of the new board of directors, and our school was elected as the secretary-general.

Li Penglin made a speech at the conference. He first expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the Independent College Branch of the Provincial Higher Education Institute and the trust of the directors. He also put forward three suggestions and hopes for the work of the new independent college branch. First, relying on the club platform and promoting the independent colleges’ communications in our province. The second is to strengthen theoretical and practical research, actively carry out theoretical research and reform exploration on the development and education of independent colleges; third, actively provide advice and suggestions, provide consulting services for the majority of member units, and provide decision-making services for higher-level leading organs. He pointed out that the independent college branch should give full play to the role of bridges and ties in the future, strive to become an important academic community, become an important aspect of promoting the reform and development of higher education in our province, and become an important force in building a strong province of higher education.

On behalf of the Higher Education Institute, Shi Jianxiang congratulated the successful convening of the club member representative assembly and the establishment of the new independent college branch council. He pointed out that since its establishment in 2009, the Independent College Branch has been focusing on the hot and difficult issues in the development of independent colleges, conducting in-depth scientific research, playing an important role in prospering the development of educational science and promoting the teaching reform of independent colleges, and accumulated valuable experience. . The new situation and new tasks have put forward unprecedented new requirements for the development of higher education. Based on the original, four returns, the state attaches importance to undergraduate education and personnel training at any time. On behalf of the Society, he put forward three hopes for the work of the club. First, adhere to the academic conference and build a highland for higher education research. Second, adhere to the service and promote the ability to participate in the independent college governance. Third, adhere to standardizing the conference and strengthen the organization of the club itself. I hope that under the leadership of the chairman of the new board of directors, we will adhere to the correct direction of the meeting, not forget the initial heart, bear in mind the mission, be brave in taking responsibility, and make greater efforts to promote the development of higher education in our province and make a great contribution to promote the transformation of independent colleges.

First meeting of the second session of the Standing Council

The meeting discussed and approved the mechanism of academic exchange activities of the Independent Society.

The conference organized an academic seminar on “Connotation Development and Transformation Development of Independent Colleges”. The conference invited Professor Xuan Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang Foreign Studies University, to give a keynote speech titled “The Beginning of Chinese Higher Education and the Connotative Development of Local Universities”. In the report, Xuan Yong expounded the opportunities and challenges of China's higher education in the new era, the international experience and trends in the development of higher education, and emphasized the “features and initial intentions” of China's higher education for four services: persisting in serving the people and the Chinese Communist Party, persisting in serving the consolidation and development of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, persisting in serving reform and opening up and socialist modernization, and raising the core viewpoint that "higher university capacity improvement is an important theme for the future development of China's higher education". Subsequently, he put forward the connotation choice of the university from the perspective of the transformation and development of local colleges and universities, the connotation and the connotative development. He pointed out that the connotation development of colleges and universities mainly manifests the improvement of the quality of personnel training, the improvement of scientific research level, and the enhancement of social service capabilities. Finally, he stressed the need to solve the problems faced in undergraduate education reform with the idea of ??system integration, synergy and efficiency, and precise policy.

At the meeting, the heads of independent colleges made speeches based on the actual situation and development prospects of their respective schools. Chen Da made a summary speech. He emphasized that in the context of the Ministry of Education explicitly requesting the transfer of independent colleges into independent undergraduate colleges, independent colleges in the province should take the initiative to solve problems and actively solve problems and make early research and planning.