ZJC Bids Farewell to Graduates with Grand Concert
Author: Source: Date:2015-06-12 Hits:363

On June 6th, the 2015 singing party for graduates, “Rest Assured to Fly” was held in auditorium of Zhijiang College, Hangzhou campus. About 1200 people were present, including leaders of related departments, representatives of parents, alumni and graduates.

The party was divided into three parts, namely “the gratitude for teachers”, “the reminiscence of youthfulness” and “the dream to be unfolded”, embodied by singing, dancing, interviews, stage plays and short films to express deep emotion to alma mater and between schoolmates, teachers and students. The beginning dance “vigorous youth” instantly kindled such euphoria, perfectly showing the individuality of graduates. The stage play “the crossroad of phoenix flowers” focused on the subject of campus life, reflecting the deep emotions between teachers and students, and voiced the feelings of the whole graduates. The scene play, “life in Zhijiang College”, performed by TCFL1101 and Ms. Qi, vividly presented the last memorable lesson. Songs, “a farewell era”, “our youth” were performed with great passion, delivering a sentimental attachment to alma mater. Dances, “tornado”, “can’t stop moving”, and “Sheila Song” were performed gorgeously, displaying to their full youthful vitality. The melodious song, “the years gone by quickly”, accompanied by graceful dance, is reminiscent of the past days. Hook-up songs, “graduation journey” evoked the prospect of the future. The performance of counselors, “give me a kiss” sent their best wishes to graduates. The performance, “I miss Zhijiang”, brought by Luo Shaojie, graduated in 2012, and Lin Junran, in 2014, express their friendship with the alma mater. The blessings of schoolfellows sent from all over the world aroused a strong echo among the audience. Chorus “Da Yu” and “the days ahead” expressed the inculcation and expectation of the college and at the same time, showed a strong resolution of graduates to pursue dreams and take up lofty mission, winning prolonged applause. With climax and touching segments coming one after another, the party finally came to an end with the song “Rest Assured to Fly”.

During the singing party, the leaders of the college awarded the “pioneers” of the graduates and the representatives of students also presented the prizes to “popular teachers” with flowers and blessings. And what’s more, the singing party also released the first schemed movie crowdfunded by schoolfellows “What is youth—for us to recall ten years later”. In just over a month, with the help of 132 consecutive schoolfellows, the crowdfunding realized the dream successfully.

“WeChat Walls” and “Photo Walls” were also set during the party for teachers and students to show their pictures, to send best wishes and express graduating feelings. In the meantime, the party was live broadcasted online on Shaoxing Campus.