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Faculty from Zhejiang A&F University Jiyang College Visit ZJC for Research
Author: Source: Date:2015-11-17 Hits:289

Shi Daojin, president of Zhejiang A&F University Jiyang College and other six people visited ZJC on Shaoxing campus for research and exchange on November 10. Li Penglin, president of ZJC welcomed the guests on behalf of our college and heads of college office and other departments attend the meeting.

During the meeting, Li introduced institutional settings, college conditions andconstructions, faculties, etc. in ZJC. And he highlighted the content of the introduction of talent and cooperation between colleges. As for Shi, he briefly introduced the basic situation of Zhejiang A&F University Jiyang College. The two sides also discussed about talenttraining, social cooperation and exchanges, the construction of campus culture and otheraspects.

Then after the meeting, Shi and his group visited Shaoxing campus.