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Four Projects of Our College Won the Programs in Zhejiang Undergraduate Science and Technology Innovation Activity
Author: Source: Date:2016-06-02 Hits:242

  Recently, we have heard from the Professional Evaluation Committee of Zhejiang Undergraduate Science and Technology Innovation Activity Program that four projects of our college have won the financial aid this year. These four projects are first of all, “The Research of High-tech Industry Policy Effect Evaluation in Zhejiang Province”, which was charged by Zhang Shiyu and the tutor Gu Zange from Business School. Secondly, “Design and Achievement of the Platform System---Keqiao Textile City”, charged by Su Xiaopeng and the tutor Feng Zhilin from Engineering School. The third is “Legal and Moral Analysis of the Rationality of Paying For Excess Train Fare after Losing the ID-based Tickets”, designed by Yang Baogui, from Humanity School with her tutor Wu Guangsheng as well as “Transformation of Rural Houses under the Internet Mode---Discussion for Undergraduates’ undertaking under cubby modes, charged by Lin Qingxi and the tutor Huang Lifei from Architecture School.

  Zhejiang Undergraduate Science and Technology Innovation Activity Program is organized by Education Department of Zhejiang Province, Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, Communist Youth League Zhejiang provincial Party Committee as well as Finance Department of Zhejiang Province. The main purpose is to cultivate undergraduates’ awareness of science and technology innovation, inspire their potential, enhance their capability, supply the general strategy of enriching the people by craving out and empowering the province by innovation with talent, promote the reform of education and teaching and improve the teaching quality.