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Bronze Award Gained in Collegiate Programming Contest
Author: Source: Date:2016-06-06 Hits:261

  Recently, the 13th Zhejiang Collegiate Programming Contest had come to the end with the good news that three students from Information and Technology School of our college won the bronze award.

  There were 303teams from 77 universities and colleges took part in this competition, including 213 undergraduate teams and 90 junior college teams. Divided into four parts, the prize consisted of 17 gold awards, 32 silver awards and 53 bronze awards

  The Collegiate Programming Contest is from ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest organized by ACM. Zhejiang contest zone is held by Zhejiang Collegiate Science and Technology Contest Committee, appealing a large number of students’ participation. The purpose of such contest is to cultivate students’ innovative thinking and the capabilities of analyzing and solving the practical problems so that it can enhance the improve students’ overall quality, raise computer application ability and flower academic phenomenon.