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Commencement Held in Zhijiang
Author: Source: Date:2016-06-13 Hits:304

  With the presence of the collegiate leaderships, school directors, representatives of teachers, students as well as parents, the commencement Be Relieved to Fly was solemnly held on June5, 2016 in Hangzhou Houdetai Auditorium.

  The commencement was divided into three parts, namely To Youth, To Zhijiang, To Future, which embraced the deep feelings among teachers and students. The opening dancing See You Again ignited the scene to a lively atmosphere. My PrideHere To Stay reminded people of the passing days and sweet memories. Poetry readings were the perfect embodiment of students’ expectations to G20. Several excellently designed dancing expressed graduates’ great vibrancy and future perspectives. With humorous expressions, the drama Never Say Farewell witnessed the grand scene when Zhijiang students challenged the Guinness World Records again. With the vivid depiction of the campus, the sand painting Impressive Zhijiang pushed the evening to an exciting climax and found an echo in the hearts of many of the audience.

  During the commencement, the leaderships conferred Pioneering Graduate on the students. The most worthwhile point is the performance of My Country displayed by the representatives of Party members, which also extended the determination and courage of both teachers and graduates.