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G20 Hangzhou Summit Security-Checks Summing up Meeting on Explosive Detection Dog Held in Zhijiang College
Author: Source: Date:2016-09-10 Hits:295

The G20 Hangzhou Summit security-checks summing up meeting on explosive detection dog was Held in Houdetai auditorium, Zhijiang College on 6th September. There were almost 270 people attended the meeting, including Cheng Keqian, the fourteenth division chief of Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, Qiang Jingning, the head of Nanjing Police Dog Research Institute, Zheng Yaping, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhijiang college and other people from related departments.

Cheng gave a brief summary about the security work at the meeting, praising explosive work to the skies and paying our college a compliment. Cai Hongming awarded the silk banner to our college , which contained his heartfelt gratitude .Jia Qinmin also saluted the strenuous contribution of those who had made for the G20 summit.

Divided into three parts, a wonderful show was organized by college students and security teammates, which aimed to display the great courage, active and aggressive attitude as well as strenuous contributions they have had during the G20. 

The song Long Live of Motherland expressed young people’s patriotic ambition to the motherland. The lively dance showed by college students conveyed their generous minds to G20 and the Violin Solo The Fishermen Sing in the Evening showed the admiration for the great views over the whole country. And at last, all the actors and audiences sang the song Sing to Motherland together to show the common wish to realize the great revitalization of Chinese nation, which also gave a perfect ending to the evening.

It is also reported that our college has won high praise from the leaders of municipal and provincial government for the strenuous contribution in those forty days.