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“Zhijinag Cloud”Service Center Launched in Shaoxing Campus
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With the present of the leadership of college,unit directors and the work teams, “Zhijinag Cloud”Service Center was launched in Shaoxing Campus in the morning on 10th October. College principal Li Penglin addressed a speech on the ceremony and personally inaugurated for the service center with Zhang Yaping, secretary of the Party committee of college.

Li Penglin pointed out that Zhijinag Cloud is a significant department to promote working efficiency and quality and cater for stuff and students. It is also an important platform for Zhijiang culture. Therefore everyone’s effort is required so that Zhijinag Cloud can provide better service for the college and make greater contribution to the school.  As for the further development of service center, Li put forward three requirements as well.

First of all, service center ought to provide convenient and satisfying service to the stuff and students in terms of the “people-oriented”notion so as to promote the harmonious relationship among teachers anf students. Secondly, overall interest is the starting point for the center, which requires the center a lot of attention and high efficiency. Thirdly, Li Penglin hoped that the leaders and Party members of the center should be down to earth and try their utmost to help stuff and students deal with the tough problems.

It is reported that the service center is runned by the Central Administration Office which is located in the College Office. Departmental service is abide by service commitment system and the stuff must adhere to accountability system. Also, Demostration Unit of Party members, Excellent Service Reward and Accountability System will be carried out to improve work efficiency. The hotline of the service center is properly divided into three parts---centralized treatment, classified processing and responsibility implementation to offer stuff and students excellent service, and also,service number81111890in campus 901890is provided for consultation,advice, complain and suggestions.