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ZJC Joins the Sewage Treatment Activity
Author: Source: Date:2017-04-07 Hits:346
The “We Are On The Spot”activity, one of the propaganda activities of sewage treatment, was held in Anchang Xiyi, Keqiao, with more than 500 people being present, including the standing committee member of the CPC Shaoxing municipal committee, propaganda minister He Jiashun, vice mayor Ding Xiaoyan, journalists, artists and etc. More than 100 people were from Zhijiang College, including the?secretary of the Party Committee of ZJC Zheng Yaping, the representative of party members and other student volunteers. He Jiashun presented the flag to the theories and propaganda worker Zheng Yaping. After the rites, party members of our college came to the Guoji, Anchang for preaching about the water protection and making a field trip to the local river. A hundred college students volunteered to be divided into two groups. The squad, which went to the ancient town Anchang, took the rubbish in the river as well as along the river, appealing to the tourists for protecting and conserving the water from doing little things. Meanwhile, the squad which went to the Dashanxi village picked up the trash, gave out the brochures, informed the residents of environment protection. Our college has planned to organize volunteers to participate in such kind of activities every month since April, helping to supervise the water quality, plant trees, clean up the local place. Through these activities, our college combines the water conservancy activities with the teaching work, volunteer services and social practice, also establishes robust long-time mechanism for joining the water conservancy project, puts the water management on the center stage, helps to treat sewage and contributes to a better Zhejiang.