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Lu Jie: To Be A Better Me
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 Lu Jie, the main leader from the Communication Engineering class 1302, has successively served as the President Assistant and the President of the Information Engineering College Student Union. He has won the national scholarships, the first prize scholarships in college, and the title of the school-level outstanding student leader, excellent league branch leader. The team in social practice led by him to visit the anti-war veterans in Quzhou was rated the outstanding summer social practice team of the year.

Be more changeable

 “Everyone has his wings and there’s no reason to refuse flying”. Lu Jie never stops trying. He made full use of every minute on campus to join in various activities, volunteer service and social practice, through which he could display his talents. He remembers the first time when he became a host, the feeling gives him a sense of accomplishment; the first time when he participated in the speech contest, even if the heart beat fast, he spoke out; the first time when he gave performance on stage, he found a truer self; and the first time when he became a volunteer, he realized that even a small effort is a strength. He has new recognition of himself and surpasses himself in every attempt. His youth is to explore and to move forward.

Be more capable

 Has worked for the League Committee and the Student Union for three years, Lu Jie developed various activities under the guidance of teacher, contributing his best time to the work. He also actively took part in the contests and activities on campus and outside campus and achieved excellent grades, winning the teachers’ appreciation.  

 He is prominent not only in his ability to organize activities, but also in his ideas for student work. Committed to make a brand Union, he boldly put forward the scheme of One Department, One Brand”. With constant exploration and innovation, the Union culture has accumulated. The “Xiaojudeng” volunteer team has carried out a series of public welfare activities such as volunteer teaching and blood donation, which win the thumbs-up in the society. Particularly the blood donation volunteer activity is normalized through the cooperation with the Shaoxing Red Cross and the coordination with school departments. At the same time, he concerns about the public welfare activities for the underprivileged and appeals to social support for them.

Make Future more colorful

 In the Internet era, the cutting-edge technologies as cloud computing, large data and artificial intelligence drive people to move forward. As a student from the School of Information Engineering, Lu Jie clings to the belief "learn how to learn and learn by oneself", for which his good habits has formed and professional knowledge has accumulated. Being an internship in a start-up business now, even if he encountered difficulties in the work, he never gives up. Instead, he overcomes obstacles one by one by looking into information. In the time of working for the company, he promotes himself as well. He firmly believes that the path to a colorful future paved through the code he is tapping with both hands must be wonderful.

Encouragement from teacher:

“Lu Jie thinks positively, supports the party’s”program and policies and complies with school disciplines. At work, he has been the President of the Information Engineering College Student Union, who has organized large-scale activities with his prominent abilities in coordinating and organizing. As for study, earnest and assiduous, he has achieved a lot in discipline contests and won the first prize scholarships with a top-ranked professional grade. In daily life, he is willing to help others and integrates classmates, laying a solid mass foundation”, said Wang Quan, the president of the Information Engineering Labor Union and the director of the Department of Communication.

Messages to undergraduates by Lu Jie:

   “Cherish the time on campus, because there’s no another four years full of brilliance and dream in youth. Be brave to try and to explore. Arm yourselves with knowledge and enrich yourselves with experiences. I hope that you can embrace the future and the colorful world.”