《Orchid Pavilion Story》comes into the Zhijiang College, to tell you a day of thousand years
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March 20th,Gorgeous vernal scenery.

"Chinese Civilized Colleges and Universities" "The story of the Orchid Pavilion" a series of activities of the third stop, "come into the Zhijiang College" activities held in our library grand.

Our college teachers and students wore Han Chinese Clothing and recite the "Lan Ting Preface" with accompaniment of Guzheng and Flower art, tea art performance, calligraphy experience, to meet the arrival of this major cultural event. Shaoxing Culture Tourism Group Co., Ltd. General manager Hu Hualiang, Zhejiang University Map of the Vice director of the commission of Chenhong, the curator of Shaoxing Orchid Pavilion Calligraphy Museum Tang Xiaolei and related departments guests, brother College colleagues, hundreds of teachers and students and readers attended the opening ceremony, the Party Secretary of Zhijiang College, Zheng Yaping gave a welcome speech.

Zheng Yaping gave a welcome speech


the Orchid Pavilion Calligraphy Museum is the largest thematic calligraphy museum in China at present which located in Shaoxing town, Zhejiang Province, and built in 1988. The event was held in a series of activities organized by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s cultural self-confidence and the “Cultural Confidence” of the party’s 19th National Congress. The event was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial College of Library and Information Work Committee, National Cultural Heritage Protection Science and Technology Regional Innovation Alliance (Zhejiang Province), Shaoxing Cultural Tourism Group, Shaoxing Orchid Pavilion Museum and participating universities.

This event entered Zhejiang University on November 10, 2017 and entered Hangzhou Normal University on December 24, 2017.

Zhijiang College is the third stop of this event. After the exhibition and propaganda of the first two stations, the activity received enthusiastic response from colleges and universities and was widely recognized and appreciated by the wide university students. At the same time, the organizers also reap a lot of valuable experience, and according to the actual situation, the activities were upgraded. In this project in Zhijiang college, increasing the students sang "the preface of Lanting Pavilion" with the Han clothes、field guzheng performance and the exhibition of calligraphy in the scene of the teachers and students.

Calligraphy is the cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, and it is a traditional form of traditional Chinese character.In 353 years of the spring season, St. Wang Xizhi and friends of Lanting Pavilion in the kuaiji Shanyin,xiuxi gathering, write down the "Orchid Pavilion".A Chinese three ancient script first laid the historical position of the calligraphy.The exhibition is divided into the Lanting Pavilion xiuxi,Lanting Pavilion legend,the copy, the biography of the Tang and Song Dynasties,the famous Lanting Pavilion in Shaoxing and to six parts.More than 30 objects are exhibited in the exhibition.

In St. Wang Xizhi's "the best in all the land script" Orchid Pavilion "as the core, it tells the story of its birth, growth, extinction, regeneration, evolution and expansion. Selection has an important part of the ancient copy and rubbings, especially most of the original Feng Chengsu approximation and Zhu Suiliang, Yu Shinan and Qianlong to copy, and set some as the "Lanting Pavilion eight column" posts, show with Wang Xizhi as the representative of the literati character and the spirit of the world. At the end of the exhibition, it also presents the features of contemporary Lanting Pavilion and the literary creation, showing the style and creative achievements of the contemporary Lanting Pavilion. The whole exhibition magnificent and brilliant, for the understanding and plays an important role in learning China calligraphy culture. The story of Lanting Pavilion came to the exhibition of Jiangjiang college, so that Zhijiang student can taste the charm of Chinese culture closely, improve their cultural and artistic attainments, and enhance their cultural confidence and national self-confidence.

Speech by Tang Yihong, deputy general manager of Shaoxing Cultural Tourism company

Speech by Hang Jianping,Chairman of Hangzhou Yinmei Technology  

Flag-rising ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Zheng Yaping, Party Secretary of zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, Tang Yihong, Deputy General Manager of Shaoxing Cultural Tourism company and Hang Jianping, Chairman of Hangzhou Yinmei Technology delivered speeches respectively. Later, a flag-raising ceremony for the "Lanting Story" exhibition tour was held. The representative from Hangzhou Normal University, who was on the last stop of the tour, returned the banner to the Lanting Calligraphy Museum, and the banner of the Lanting Calligraphy Museum Tang Xiaolei awarded the banner to the representative of Zhijiang college of zhejiang university of technology. The process is simple, but it represents the passing of fire and represents the continuous extension of cultural heritage. After the ceremony, under the guidance of the staff, the leaders and guests visited the exhibition and spent a long time in the exhibition area of the cultural and creative products. They expressed appreciation for the development of Lanting culture industry.

Hu Hualiang, general manager of ShaoXing Cultural Tourism Company, announced the opening of the exhibition.
The University Display of Chinese civilization — "the Story of Lan Pavilion" entered the Zhi Jiang College, and the exhibition time is from March 20, 2018 to April 20, 2018. During the exhibition, our library will organize calligraphy and communication, to carry out the "Scan Code and Treasure" exhibition at the scene of interaction, watch "the Calligraphy Museum of The Orchid Pavilion Display ", "Pen with Love" and "National Treasure Archive:The Orchid Pavilion " and so on video, seal cutting salon, "Walkthrough Lan Pavilion" reading experience, flower art, tea art, calligraphy exhibition activities and so on for the sake of improving the whole appreciation of ornamental and enjoyment. Therefore, the students' feelings of experience and participation would greatly strengthened while finding much  pleasure in it.