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The teachers and students of Jiashan Second Senior High School visited our college
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On the morning of April 10th, the senior secondary school principal of the Jiashan, Junwei Lu, led a team of 600 teachers and students of senior grade one to visit and exchange views with us. Huang Xinmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and the head of the Ministry of Education and Engineering warmly welcomed teachers and students.

Huang Xinmin briefly introduced the general situation of the college. He exchanged views and reached consensus on the establishment of a long-term exchanges and cooperation between Zhijiang college and Jiashan Second Senior High School. The School Department of Education  organized two public lectures - the Director of the Admissions Office explained in detail the relevant policies and reform directions of the new college entrance examination reform, encouraged the students to seize the opportunity, study hard, face the challenges of the new college entrance examination reform, and he focused on the College personnel training characteristics, education work model and enrollment profile;The Director of the Employment Office explained the importance of increasing knowledge, enhancing self-knowledge reserves, and adhering to the pursuit of self-reality through real cases and on-site interactions. The students are encouraged to enhance their self-knowledge, accelerate self-positioning, and find their own life direction as soon as possible. After the lecture, the students visited the campus happily.

The meet of exchange between Jiashan Second High School and Zhijiang college advertised the school’s characteristics and promoted the college’s popularity. The College Admissions Office will work in collaboration with various secondary schools to systematically design the “Coming zhijiang” Open Day event, invite more middle school students to enter the Zhijiang campus and attract more high-quality students to apply for the Zjijiang.

It is reported that the second high school in Jiashan is a key middle school in Zhejiang Province. The site is the former Jiashan “Confucian School”. It was built in the early years of Xuande in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of more than 590 years. The school has strong teaching staff and profound cultural heritage. The quality of its education ranks at the forefront of the same level students in Jiaxing City.