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March 30 2018,three students from the Chinese Language Institute of Humanities came to Keqiao District Old University in Keqiao to teach the basic application of smart phones for more than 60 students.This is the Keqiao District Older Education Research Center took the first lecture on "Wisdom Life", which is a new course developed for the elderly in the district.

Face to face teaching,hands-on operation to enable elderly university students to learn some basic keys and basic functions of smart phones in a relaxed and happy manner.For example, lock screen key、volume button、broadcast call send messages and set alarms etc. Students reflected that learning like this is both fun and easy, but also learn quickly.All of them really like this practical course.

In December 2017,giving full play to the advantages of universities, actively responding to the aging of the population, serving the development of elderly education in Keqiao, the School of Liberal Arts cooperated with the Keqiao District Elderly;they established the Education Research Center. The orientation of the center is to integrate the talent resources of universities and localities in the area of elder education, and to carry out basic theoretical research, policy research, applied research, and service work for elderly education. According to the construction plan of the research center, the research center will focus on the hot issues in the field of elderly education, focusing on the development and construction of old-age education courses; theoretical and practical research; and the development of teacher education for the elderly.