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The First ‘Three-in-one’ Comprehensive Evaluation of the Overall Quality of Enrollment Successfully Completed
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It is reported that the first ‘three-in-one’ comprehensive evaluation of enrollment plans in our college totaled 80, involving 11 enrollment professionals. Candidates must participate in the Zhejiang Provincial College Entrance Examination in 2018. The college will use the ratio of 2:3:5 to convert to the comprehensive score according to the candidate's industry test scores, comprehensive test scores, and college entrance exam scores. The students will be selected from high scores to low scores. The ‘three-in-one’ comprehensive evaluation of admissions arrangements was generally approved in advance in Zhejiang Province. Candidates who fit the requirements can be admitted to our college.

Recently, the first ‘three-in-one’ evaluation of the overall quality of enrollment in our college was successfully completed. There are more than 500 candidates enrolled online in the first ‘three-in-one’ comprehensive evaluation. After qualification examination and written review, a total of 244 candidates were selected for the comprehensive quality test.

The first ‘three-in-one’ comprehensive quality test in our college was conducted in the way of interviewing. The comprehensive quality, professional ability, and professional potential of the candidates were examined in terms of learning potential, scientific thinking, humanistic quality, social awareness, psychological quality, and personality characteristics. More than 60 teachers with senior professional technical positions or doctoral degrees in teaching, research, and management have served as interviewers. In order to ensure the smooth running of the comprehensive quality test, the Admissions Office organized more than 70 teachers as examination personnel and 106 students participated in the volunteer service of the test to guiding candidates. The college has also opened a parent rest area to interpret the relevant admission policies so that the parents of the candidates can further understand Zhejiang University of Technology Zhijiang College.The college took some efficient measures to ensure that the ‘three-in-one’ comprehensive evaluation of the overall quality of enrollment is fair and orderly. First, our college organized the examiner’s bank, randomly selected the test examiner from it, and randomly determined the number of the candidates’ examination. Secondly, the identity of the candidate is confirmed through the three links of the on-site registration, drawing of the examination site number, and entering the examination room, and identity recognition is introduced into the face recognition comparison technology to ensure the accuracy of candidates. Thirdly, the closed examination area and mobile phone signal shielding were implemented in the examination room area, and recording and video recording were throughout the test. Additionally, the college’s discipline inspection participated in the entire examination to ensure that the testing work was in an orderly manner. Fourth, the Discipline Inspection Office sent special personnel to supervise all aspects of propositions, production of papers, circulation of test papers, and the examination of test takers. At the same time, strict implementation of the publicity system, shortlist of candidates will be announced in the College Admissions Network in late April as required. All candidates can check their own comprehensive quality test results.