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Academicians from Canada and Ukraine come to our Institute for communication.
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In April 19th, a member of an overseas academician led by Mohammed Sarwang, academician of the National Academy of engineering of Canada, academician of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences and Valeri Aiyetz, vice president of the National Academy of Sciences, was accompanied by the Committee of the Keqiao. Members of the delegation include the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Valeri Bekov, director of the Institute of information technology, the chief scientist of the Institute of engineering thermal physics, Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, Basok Boris, director of the thermal physics research center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and National Tara of Kiev, Ukraine. J Shevchenko university professor Andre Blochtskiy and so on. Zheng Yaping, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, met with visiting delegations, accompanied by the Ministry of international communication and cooperation, the organization and personnel department, the school of information engineering, the head of the business school and the relevant doctoral representatives. Zheng Yaping expressed a warm welcome to the academician‘s delegation to visit our hospital, and briefly introduced the development of teaching, scientific research and discipline construction in our hospital in recent years, and pointed out that the college attaches great importance to the introduction of high level talents, the institutions of higher learning and research in Ukraine are in the fields of information technology, machinery, chemical industry and so on where men of talent come out in succession. It is hoped that through this meeting, we can promote exchanges and cooperation between our institute and universities and scientific research institutions in Ukraine. Academicians from Canada and Ukraine have introduced their research fields and major achievements respectively on behalf of their respective universities or research institutes.The participants conducted in-depth exchanges and consultations on international cooperation projects in the fields of electronic information, industrial economics and other specialized fields, and discussed the possibility of deep cooperation on the topics of interest. The key cooperation areas include Chinese and foreign cooperation in running school, exchange student project, foreign student summer school, youth teacher joint training, research team construction and international scientific research cooperation. The academician delegation also visited the ZhiJiangyun service hall which severed for teachers and students, the school history museum, the library, the science and Technology Park, the laboratory and so on.