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College organizes May Day’s Talent Exhibition
Author: Source: Date:2018-05-04 Hits:255

To celebrate May Day, and show the beauty of the humane spirit of the faculty in order to form a campus atmosphere that promotes the core values of socialism. College Trade Unions and College Press Centers facing all campus staffs to solicit talent works and exhibit them on the second floor of the library on April 27th.

 A total of nearly 40 works submitted by 24 faculty and staff members from various secondary trade unions were exhibited.The exhibition is divided into two parts.The first part is the exhibition of staffs’ calligraphy photographers.The Works both have a beautiful campus landscape and also characters and various landscapes. Through different pictures, we can once again feel their love for college and life. The second part is the Faculty Craft Exhibition. The works centered around the daily work and life of the teaching staffs. Fix the screen of positive energy around you and show the beautiful side of life with craftsmanship. These works truly recorded the touching moments that faculty and staff found in nature and life,which also shows the spirit of pursuing a better life and building the beautiful campus and the style of the times.

It is reported that this exhibition has also set up a public voting session and the winning entries were selected by on-site voting.