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Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology Became One of the Seven ‘Distinctive National Defense Education Schools’ in Zhejiang
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According to the Notice of the Ministry of Education on Doing a Good Job in the Selection of Distinctive National Defense Education Schools in 2017 (No. 20 of the Ministry of Education and Sports (2017). Our college attaches great importance to the application of the selection work, makes serious preparations, actively declares, comprehensively reviews the ideas, policies, measures and results of the national defense education in recent years, and organize the personnel to conduct rounds of discussion and revision on the application materials in order to report it to the provincial education department on time. In the end, after reviewing, appraising, and recommending by the provincial administrative department for education, the Ministry of Education has comprehensively determined that our college won the title of ‘Distinctive National Defense Education School’ in this competition and became one of the seven undergraduate colleges in Zhejiang Province.

  National security is the basic interest of the country. Contemporary national security includes the basic content of 10 aspects: national security, territorial security, sovereignty security, political security, military security, economic security, cultural security, scientific and technological security, ecological security, and information security. National defense education is a social activity that defends national sovereignty, territorial integrity and security, defends foreign aggression, subversion, and threats, and teaches the whole nation the ideas, knowledge, and skills related to national defense.

  Under the current international situation, China is paying more and more attention to national defense education, and national defense education in colleges and universities is an important component of national defense education. Therefore, our college continues to explore in practice, progress in exploration, and innovate various forms of education and teaching methods, which formed a unique new model of national defense education called zhijiang- style.


Deepening Development and Establishing a New Model for National Defense Education

Our college innovates national defense education and military curricula and establishes a new ‘2+1’ model, namely military theory modules, military skills practice modules, consolidating and deepening of development modules. In other words, according to the curriculum system defined in the ‘Outline’, students are trained in military skills and knowledge of military theory. Based on that, special modules are established to supplement and improve skills and theoretical teaching,  to deepen quality education in schools, to develop and expand the function of military training, and more importantly, to strive to cultivate students' innovative awareness, and thinking skills.

  In order to innovate national defense education, our college has made full use of national defense education bases, military theory and practice education, and campus networks to carry out national defense education in a subtle manner, and further intensify the patriotism of students in education.

 Our college is well aware that the national defense education in colleges and universities should conform to the development of the times and follow the direction of psychological thinking of modern college students. As a result, education methods have changed in national defense education. For example, the contents of national defense education have been changed from theory to practice, education methods changed from the ‘fixed and closed type’ to ‘flow and open type’. Besides, the use of modern educational technology continuously improves the effectiveness of teaching.

At the same time, our institute also enriched the forms and content of education and broadened the education position. Conscientiously implement the education policy of all citizens participating, long-term adherence, and practical results and regard national defense education as an important part of campus cultural construction. In addition, through the combination of major festivals and anniversaries, the College organizes students to conduct activities such as national defense knowledge contests, revolutionary tradition report conferences, national defense education picture exhibitions, military training achievement presentations, and red film and television song exhibitions to expand their positions and entertain themselves, which further improved the pertinence and effectiveness of education.

‘This is also to enhance the attractiveness of national defense education and enhance the vitality of national defense education’, said Shan Xiaozhong of the Ministry of the Army.

With regard to the construction of the military teaching staff, our institute has shown great importance and incorporated it into the overall plan for the construction of the faculty of the Faculty. The deployment of military teachers is based on the terms of service of other teachers of the Faculty and adheres to the principles of ethics, ability, and ability. With the principle of having both, the selection of talents to serve. The college not only considers the actual needs but also takes into account the long-term development and strives to stabilize the teaching staff. We must do a good job in the training and further training of military teachers to improve their professional theoretical level and overall quality. At the same time, we must strengthen the effective cooperation between military teachers and dispatched officers to complement each other and improve them together.


Grasping Military Training and the Concept of National Defense

Developing student military training and enhancing the concept of university students’ national defense are basic projects for consolidating national defense. It is of great practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to strengthen the cultivation of undergraduate students’ national defense awareness through military training. It is of vital importance for the country’s long-term peace and order, and for the consolidation of the national spirit and the enhancement of the national quality. For this reason, the college has long regarded the student’s military training work as the important agenda in the college party committee’s administration. It was included into the overall development plan of the college to strengthen the awareness of departmental collaboration.

  During the military training, the school invites professors from the National Defense University and outstanding figures from the military to report to the students. Through live speeches and examples, the students can learn more about the excellent qualities of the contemporary soldiers and provide students with multi-faceted patriotism and revolutionary heroism education.

  During military training, our college made full use of modern media such as radio, television, newspapers, and the Internet, opened a column for national defense education, conducted extensive publicity, and effectively coordinated the development of military training, continuously expanded the coverage of national defense education, and provided modernization for students’ participation in national defense education.

Apart from this, our college held the National Defense Culture Festival including the defense defensive contest, national defense knowledge contest, parade competition, ‘I love my motherland’ military song chorus competition, military training and cultural evening and other exciting programs to strengthen military theory and military skills, enrich and deepen the content of national defense education, increase attraction and influence, and optimize teaching effectiveness.

Under the new mode of national defense education, students Zhang Yangshang and Dai Rui won the first prize and the winning prize for the college student speech contest with the aim of love our country held by the Office of the Zhejiang Provincial National Defense Education Commission in 2017.

‘There is a high degree of consistency between the content of education and the ultimate goal of student military training and quality education. Given that the special advantages of national defense education in educational functions have a tremendous role in promoting quality education and promoting the overall development of college students. At present, we hope that, in addition to adhering to professional characteristics and actual conditions, we will continue to emancipate our minds, broaden our thinking, and broaden the channels for national defense education, in addition to the important forms of military theory teaching, especially in the areas of regular national defense practice education that does not occupy teaching time. ‘ said Shan Xiaozhong.


Actively and Efficiently Create a Good Atmosphere for the Recruitment of Troops According to the Law

All along, our college responded to the call of the country and actively recruited soldiers. Therefore, the college has set up a leadership team for recruitment work, widely publicized through campus media, league missions, etc., actively building a strong atmosphere for joining the army and serving the country on campus to mobilize the enthusiasm of college students to consciously fulfill their military service obligations. At the same time, the college also uses the Internet and other carriers to strengthen the interaction with students, and promptly answer students' various questions about the enlistment, so that students can understand the relevant policies and working procedures. The College’s college students’ recruitment work was repeatedly commended and rewarded by superior military departments and was awarded ‘Advanced Grass-roots Unit for Recruiting Work in Hangzhou’ and ‘Advanced Grass-roots Unit for Recruiting Work in Shaoxing’ by the Hangzhou, Shaoxing City People’s Government, Hangzhou Police District, and the Shaoxing Keqiao District Armed Forces.

At the symposium on the recruitment of graduates in 2018, we invited 8 excellent retired students, including Wang Cong and Tang Dongbin, to give answers to Jiang Xuechang's questions and called for more college students to actively join the ranks of college students.

‘In the future, we will also clearly define course orientation, clarify the objectives of education and teaching, pay attention to the connotation of the curriculum and highlight the teaching focus, meet the requirements of different objects and keep the teaching content novel, carry out patriotic theme activities and improve classroom teaching results, improve teaching effectiveness.’ Shan Xiaozhong said.