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The College Holds the 11th Annual Youth League Branch Talent Competition
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 In commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth and the 99th anniversary of the May 4th movement, the college held its 11th annual “Refueling!Youth League branch” the grand finale of the league branch in the 117th lecture hall of the campus of ShaoXing campus on the evening of May 4th. Huang Xinmin, deputy secretary of the party committee of the college, organized personnel, the relevant person in charge of students work department, youth league and other functional departments, each secondary school youth corps committee secretary, mentors, instructors and students on behalf of nearly 500 people came to watch.

  Finals "sunshine", "vote", "flash card", "features the youth" and other four link, the entry of the 11 league branch widely at the grass-roots level carry out "Learning the communist party’s 19 big spirit ", "Learning Xi new age thinking socialism with Chinese characteristics", "Mark the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up", "Beautiful China", " A learn how to make a ", "Civilization cultivate one's morality" activities such as theme, brandish artificial grassroots youth corps cell vitality and elegant appearance.Each branch representative from the class group construction, the construction of study style, the collective life, style exercise, share results of league branch to made a vivid and detailed introduction. Through moving, and through the sketch, singing and dancing, poetry readings, in the form of instrumental music playing, sitcoms and the colorful, rich in content of stage performance. The youth of the various branches of the youth are passionate, high school musical, and vividly show the innovative ideas, vigorous vitality and firm belief of college students in the new era. In the competition, the college students art troupe of chorus of I love you, China and the poetry reading of reading club expressed our students to carry forward the May 4th inscription poems the historical mission of" May 4th "spirit, explorations ambition, the atmosphere to a climax.

After a tense and exciting race, league branch of Law 1602 won the first prize,league branch of Radio and Television 1602 , league branch of the Landscape 1602 won the second prize, league branch of Work 1601  league branch of Letter 1601, league branch of Mechanical 1605 won the third prize, league branch of English 1701, league branch of Industrial and Commercial 1703, league branch of youth corps cell communication 1601, league branch of flight attendants 1601 , league branch of hotel 1601 league branch won the honorable mention. The competition also recognized the outstanding youth league committee, outstanding student union of the school of the year of 2017, the demonstration youth league branch of the school, excellent league team and excellent league member.

This contest aims to implement the communist party's 19 big spirit earnestly study propaganda, new era to Xi Jinping, the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, further implement the fall internships general secretary in Peking University teachers and students symposium's important speech spirit, vigorously carry forward the "patriotic, progress, democracy and science" of "May 4th" spirit, consciously practice the socialist core values, to build first-class regional college youth, wisdom and power applied university.