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Our College Won the Silver Medal in “Challenge Cup” Zhejiang College Student Entrepreneur competition
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May 18 to 20, the 11th "Challenge Cup, Xiaoshan" College Student Entrepreneur Competition in Zhejiang Province jointly organized by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Education, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, and the Provincial Association for Academic Research came to an end at Zhejiang Gongshang University. The “529 Visual Image Organization” guided by teachers Zhu Huanqiao, Wang Linxiang, Yu Yubang won the silver award in the area of entrepreneurial plan for the works  made by Zhang Ruojun, Xu Pingping, from School of Design, Ma Ben,from School of Mechanical Engineering, and Luo Fenjie, from School of Business. Huang Xinmin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College, made a special trip to guide the work at the competition and  visited the contestants.


Our college has always attached great importance to the scientific and technological innovation of students, and it has made the enhancement of entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial practice ability an important part of talent cultivation. Relying on the consolidate academic foundation of the college, we continuously strengthened the “Zhijiang Cup” as the role of the “Challenge Cup” on-campus incubator and the “Planted talent programme” will be incorporated into the cultivation system from "Zhijiang Cup” ,"Yunhe Cup ”to “Challenge Cup" to ensure that key projects will be given priority in entering high-level events and build high-level innovation and entrepreneurship platforms for students. At the same time, we constantly improved the system like Implementation Measures for Student Scientific Research and Sports Activities Awards of the Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology. Through various forms such as project mobilization, project roadshows, expert lectures, and actual defenses, we focused on stimulating students’ interest in innovation and entrepreneurship and cultivating students’ ability to innovate and improve students' level of innovation and entrepreneurship. The work for the selection of entries in our college was formally launched in October last year. It lasted for 8 months. It has conducted in-school selection, expert review, and simulated defense. In the final two months of the centralized preparation competition, the leaders of the college and the Youth League Committee directed the entry projects on many occasions and conducted several special training on text production, PPT design, project presentation, defense etiquette, and apology skills, which  provides strong support for those participating teams.


There are three categories of Undergraduate Business Plan Competition, Entrepreneurship Practice Challenge Competition and Public Welfare Entrepreneurship Competition in this competition. More than 30,000 university students participated in the contest and 934 works from 77 colleges and universities participated in the provincial semi-finals. Eventually there were 216 cases from 45 universities that were shortlisted in the provincial finals.


Award-Winning Project Introduction:

 The 529 visual image agency is an image studio established by Zhang Ruojun from our school of Design and other students in March 2017 to provide professional image services. At present, there are 10 core operations teams, and there are 3 shadow studios and 4 office locations in Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Ningbo. Among them, Our college provides 300 square meters working studios that locates in the 529 office of Shaoxing Campus Library for them. The studio image equipment facilities have reached the level of Kita-Sai Guangshen 4A. The annual turnover in 2017 is as high as 2.92 million yuan. At present, the main business is film and television production and building space video production and it has been reached with dozens of government agencies and enterprises. It has a good reputation in this profession. The team's works have participated in the Pingyao International Photography Festival and the Shanghai International Photography Festival. They have won awards in various types of university student photography competitions including Zhejiang Province and Shaoxing City. The team is also committed to launching an image education program. This service integrates education, training, and art galleries. It aims to help college students improve their image business capabilities and appreciation of video arts. While discovering outstanding young photographers, they provide them with video art operations and services.