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The " XiangYang Flower Blossom" Team of our college won the "Top Ten Teams" of ShaoXing Summer Social Practice with the first place in the college group
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Recently, the shaoxing, Municipal Youth League, the Propaganda Department of the shaoxing Municipal Committee, the shaoxing Education Bureau and the shaoxing University Union sponsored the shaoxing 2018”New Youth To The Countryside” high school students summer social practice advanced team road performance competition (University group) held in shaoxing. After the on-site display, the judge’s questions and the expert’s evaluation, five college teams finally entered the top ten teams. The " XiangYang Flower Blossom" summer social practice group of our colleges stood out from 17teams of universities in the city, and won the honorary tittle of “Top Ten Teams” in shaoxing University and Middle School Students’ Summer Social Practice in 2018 with the first overall score of the University group.

In the summer vacation of 2018, around the practical theme of "practicing new ideas and devoting to a new era", our College set up a "Xiangyang Flowers Blooming" summer social practice group consisting of 48 members. They went to Xialou Town, Anchang Street, Fuquan Street, Wangtan Town in Keqiao District, etc. and closely combined "Water treatment and suppression ", "Garbage classification" and "Culture Propaganda" and other content, carried out a variety of "Rural Revitalization" theme series of practical activities. The team members went deep into the grass-roots units, went to the villages, explored the social conditions, observed the people's conditions, integrated social practice and voluntary service, organically combined professional knowledge with social service, and spread the positive energy of Zhijiang students' youth everywhere, which made positive contributions to the Rural Revitalization of Shaoxing.

It is worth mentioning that the team members wrote a handwritten letter to Ma Weiguang, Secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, reporting their thinking, thoughts, feelings and insights in the process of practice, putting forward the idea of joining more college students in Shaoxing to join the ranks of rural revitalization, and expressing their determination to make a sustained contribution to the construction of a large city in Shaoxing. And I got the instructions from Secretary ma quickly. In the instructions, Secretary Ma highly affirmed the social practice activities on the theme of "Promoting rural revitalization" organized by our institute and pointed out that the social practice activities of college students are of great significance and are a new force to promote rural revitalization, and asked for more support and encouragement. Later, Shaoxing Daily, Shaoxing Educational Guide, Keqiao Daily, Keqiao TV Station and other mainstream media interviewed the social practice activities on the theme of "Xiangyang Blossom" in our college, and continued to give long coverage in the front page headlines.