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The director of the economic cooperation and trade division of the United Nations Economic Commission of Europe has come to our Institute for investigation.
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Recently, Ivonne Higuero, Director-General of the Economic Cooperation and Trade Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Maria Teresa Pisani, Secretariat of the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, Zhang Yan of the Secretariat, and Qiu Yueming, Vice-President of the Institute of Standardization of China, joined us for mediation. Research. Zheng Yaping, Secretary of the Party committee of the college, received visitors and the head of the Keqiao local research institute accompanied them.

Zheng Yaping welcomed the arrival of Director Yvonne Sigro and accompanied the guests to visit the exhibition hall of the local research institute, the color research center, the innovative fashion R&D center of Zhejiang and Hong Kong, and the Chinese-funded Green Company Limited. Eventually, she said she was impressed by the Keqiao Institute of Innovation at Zhejiang University of Technology and hoped to visit her again in the near future.

Visiting Color Research Center

Visit Zhejiang and Hongkong innovation fashion research and Development Center