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Zhijiang students boarded the 2018 China Cup International Line Dance Open Stage
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From 8 to 10 November, the 2008 Fumo Cup "Dancing China-line dance League" Final was jointly hosted by the Gymnastics Management Center of the General Administration of Sports, the Sports Bureau of Hangzhou and the People's Government of Binjiang District of Hangzhou, the National Plaza Dance Promotion Center, the Sports Development Group of Hangzhou and the Social Development Bureau of Binjiang District of Hangzhou. The Binjiang gymnasium in Hangzhou ended successfully.


Around 110 teams from 17 provinces and 43 cities, nearly 1500 athletes gathered in Hangzhou to become the national peak of line dance.


Our college's Line Dance sports dance team has made great achievements in the competition. The animation 1502 Luoyi students won the first prize for single track in the college group. The English 1504 Zhang Xinyi and the animation 1502 Xie Xuwen students won the second prize for single track in the college group. The public administrator 1601 Li Yingying students won the third prize for single track in the college group. Wait for the prize.


In addition, animation 1502 Luoyi, English 1504 Zhang Xinyi also won the second prize of double track; animation 1502 Zhao Peixuan, radio and television 1602 Ye Zhuoling, animation 1502 Xie Xuwen, official 1601 Li Ying all won the third prize of double track.


Double track "I love Bachata"

Animation 1502 Xie Xu Wen, Gong Guan 1601 Li Yingying


Double track "equal love"

Animation 1502 Luo Yi, English 1504 Zhang Xinyi


Double track "village enthusiasts"

Machinery 1606 Zhou Puyang, finance 1602 Wei Wei



Double track "all and all night"

Animation 1502 Zhao Po, radio and television 1602 Ye Zhuoling


The players wait for the judges to score in the waiting area.


Players and coaches take photos.


The whole team took a picture with the coach.


In this national line dance finals, Luo Yi and Zhang Xinyi not only achieved excellent results, but also won the qualification of the International line dance Open. This is another important step in the road of internationalization of our line dance program.