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The business school in Zhijiang signed a friendly cooperation agreement with the graduate school of Korea jiaquan university
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On the morning of December 13th, the signing ceremony of the friendly cooperation agreement between the business school and the international business (MBA) program of the graduate school of business of Korea jiaquun university and the awarding ceremony of China teaching management center of the international business (MBA) program of Korea jiaquun university was held in conference room 523, xingjian building.Pan haihan, deputy dean of the college, Li tao, director of sino-korean cultural exchange center of international college of zhejiang university of technology, Yin taihe, dean of graduate school of business management of jiaquan university, and Jin shanyue, dean of international business discipline attended the signing and awarding ceremony, and principals of business school and adult education college attended the meeting.

After communicating information about the school's operation, specialty construction and discipline construction, Kim shanyue introduced the international operation (MBA) discipline and operation of Jiaquun university in South Korea, and the two sides exchanged views on cooperation. After the signing ceremony, a delegation from the graduate school of Jiaquan university in South Korea visited the campus of the school and the laboratory and classroom of the business school. The two sides had a deep discussion on the graduate training program.

According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly run and manage Jiaquan university graduate school of management international management (MBA) program, strengthen bilateral exchanges and cooperation of talents cultivation, innovation personnel training mode, enhance the level of business internationalization and promote china-south Korea cultural exchange, to zhijiang college culture "personalized, compound, internationalization" of the senior applied talents.