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School of Information Engineering’s “love car” escorted Students who take the 2019 postgraduate exams
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The 2019 national postgraduate examination will be held on December 22.In order to help students to successfully take part in the examination , the school of information engineering organized a special bus on the afternoon of December 21 to escort students to take part in the examination in 2019.

The work is very important. The college leaders checked the target and the matters needing attention in the work .He emphasized that we need to take good care of every student, and arrange a special car in advance to ensure that the postgraduate students arrive the test site, be familiar with it,and check in the hotel reservation. Information engineering college altogether has more than 80 graduates participate in this examination , and it is the first time that the school provided voluntary service for the postgraduate students .It shows the college's concern and care for postgraduate students.This thoughtful and meticulous service was good for examinees to release the pressure and concentrate on the exam, and assisted students to get good grades in a soft way.It gave the best wishes wishes to the class of 2019.

The college of information engineering has always attached great importance to the graduation work and adopted a series of measures to improve the graduation rate. They carefully arranged and deployed every preparation for the postgraduate entrance examination ,such as providing good environment and setting up some special classroom for reviewing, distributing consolation goods for postgraduate entrance examination and organizing the overseas exchanging meeting for postgraduate entrance examination.What’s more, they also developed incentives for graduates to continue their studies, created a harmonious and stable, honest and appreciated healthy and lively atmosphere for the postgraduate students.