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The College held the
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On the morning of February 27, the College's "Trinity" Comprehensive Evaluation Enrollment Coordination Meeting was held in 215 Xingjian Building in 2019. Huang Xinmin, Vice-President of the Party Committee, Vice President Pan Haihan, and Zhang Yingjie, Secretary of the Discipline Commission, attended the meeting. The school office, the Office of Supervision, the Ministry of Education, the Student Work Department, the League Committee, accounting department, the Information and Assets Management Department, the Ministry of Security, the Logistics Service and Management Development Center director and the person in charge of the enrollment work of the secondary college attended the meeting.

Huang Xinmin put forward three requirements on the comprehensive evaluation of enrollment of the "Trinity" in 2019. First, to enhance awareness, departments should further strengthen the awareness of security, confidentiality and responsibility, grasp key links, standardize and safely complete the comprehensive evaluation of enrollment of the "Trinity" in 2019. Second, departments and secondary colleges should implement the work in accordance with the division of labor determined in the plan will coordinate with the promotion of the "Trinity" enrollment work. The secondary colleges should mobilize and organize the teachers who participate in the comprehensive testing work while coordinating the enrollment propaganda. Thirdly, they should pay attention to the actual effect and details, plan ahead of time for the key stages and important links, and make good plans, through the "Trinity" recruitment of students to the candidates, parents and society can fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the college and the level of management services. 

Zhang Yingjie put forward requirements on the "Trinity" enrollment discipline: to implement security responsibilities, strict process management, strict implementation of the collective decision-making system on important matters, and do a good job in risk prevention and control; to do a good job in examinee qualification review and identity verification, one by one to verify the examinee's academic performance, winning prizes for special skills and other information, and to continue the process of "double-check, double-confirm"; Continue to do a good job of sunshine enrollment, publicize the regulations, plans and results of enrollment to the public in time, consciously and actively accept social supervision, and strictly deal with violations and violations in accordance with the relevant regulations of the college and higher authorities.

At the meeting, the Student Work Department (Admission Office) interpreted the implementation plan of the "Trinity" comprehensive evaluation of enrollment work in 2019, and clarified the work responsibilities of various departments and units.

It is reported that at 9 a.m. on March 4, the "Trinity" comprehensive evaluation enrollment of our institute was officially launched. Candidates can register online at Zhijiang College Enrollment Network of Zhejiang University of Technology (http://swyt.zzjc.edu.cn/apply/main.jsp) before 4 p.m. on March 18.