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The college holds a meeting on teaching work in the new term
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On March 13 morning, the college held a new term teaching work meeting. Pan Haihan, vice president of the college, attended the meeting and spoke. Heads and staff of education department, teaching quality monitoring department, student work department, information and asset management department and teaching directors and teaching secretaries of secondary attended the meeting.

Pan Haihan spoke at the meeting. He put forward some requirements for the key teaching work of "the year of deepening Reform". Firstly, we should promote the advantages of professional connotation and build the specialty of Zhijiang brand .He hoped that the two-level college will strengthen the management and professional self-evaluation, and actively plan and declare the top-ranking professional construction of the "the two-way plan". Secondly, We should focus on the construction of core courses and promote the transformation of "unnecessary courses" into "golden courses". The education idea and quality view of OBE should be put into every specific link of curriculum teaching, and the reform of curriculum evaluation should be tilted towards the process so as to improve the students' participation. Thirdly, It is necessary to focus on the process of integration of industry and education, to help promote schools, politics, and business cooperation to educate people. In order to realize the importance and urgency of the integration of industry and education, we should take the initiative to focus on the five functional modules, and strive to form a scale, produce our own style and achieve practical results in the cooperation between schools and enterprises. Last, we should Integrate innovative practice platform and cultivate students' practical abilities in a three-dimensional way. We need to strengthen cooperation, further improve the opening and sharing of laboratories, and enhance the breadth and depth of students' enjoyment of high-quality resources. At the same time, we should revise the "discipline competition management method" and introduce the "Innovative credit identification method" to better guide, organize, coordinate and serve the subject competition. It is hoped that the two-level college should clarify the train of thought, strengthen the co-operation of the organization and the coordination, improve the student's participation and the enthusiasm of the teacher to guide the competition, and then achieve a greater breakthrough.

On the meeting, The Department of Education elaborated on the document named  the key points of Teaching work in 2019 and they informed and arranged the work such as the subject competition, course process evaluation, laboratory construction, curriculum scheduling, course selection, examination, graduation audit, teaching achievement assessment and so on. Teaching quality Supervision and Control Department arranged the job of paper filing, the continuous improvement plan of classroom teaching quality, the professional evaluation and so on. The Ministry of Information and Asset Management has notified and arranged the work of laboratory safety, laboratory construction, and laboratory basic data collection. Student work Department announced the situation of students who have been to school as well as trinity enrollment examination registration and preparation.