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Mine Clearance Action - Financial Consumer Protection Program
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On March 19th, the “Mine-sweeping Action – Financial Consumer Protection Plan” charity event sponsored by China Youth Daily. Alipay and Internet Merchants Bank were held in the lecture hall of 117 Jianxing Building, Zhijiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology.

The “Mine-Sweeping Action” charity project is of great importance to guide young people, especially college students, to establish a correct conception of entrepreneurship, master financial security knowledge, and set up vigilance. All sectors of the society pay close attention to the safety of youth financial consumption, participate extensively, and build a safety barrier for young people to prevent financial risks and avoid financial traps. They hope that the majority of young people will be actively involved in public welfare activities in safety education, actively popularize financial security knowledge and disseminate financial security concepts. Effectively raise awareness of risks and make efforts to be the defenders of national monetary property security.


- Zheng Yaping’s welcome speech –


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, our country has on several occasions stressed that it is necessary to put prevention and control financial risks in a more prominent position, and firmly hold the bottom line of systemic risks. Improving the protection of financial consumer rights and interests is a significant part of preventing and defusing financial risks. In the new era, do a good job in monetary client education do make sense.

In recent years, the college has paid serious attention to the education of students’ financial consumption safety. Every year, we carry out various forms of publicity through countless levels of platforms. We have a safety education module in the original entrance schooling, establish a student consumption monitoring mechanism and special emergency response plans, and conduct regular investigations to ensure students’ safety education and safety. Manage full coverage. It is our unshakable responsibility to guide young people, especially the college students, to establish a correct view of entrepreneurship, master financial security knowledge, and raise risk awareness.

Lecture Action Lecture Speaker: Zhou Chenchen, Alipay Financial Security Professional Lecturer, member of the Internet Financial Security Lecturer Group, member of the Anti-Fraud Center, and Mine Action Media volunteer. He has conducted monetary security lectures in nearly 100 universities, communities, and factories, and popularized financial security knowledge.


Among them, Zhou Chenchen advanced 8 “don’t” in financial consumption.

Don’t take your life-saving money to invest in those risk platforms.

Don’t believe others' identity while you are chatting in QQ、WeChat or telephone since they can be fake.

Don’t borrow money to invest and manage money when they say there are stable earnings.

Don’t enter the verification code to transfer money, don't reveal passwords, verification codes, and don't mess with links.

Don’t be jealous or blindly follow up as high income means the risk is high.

Don’t dismantle the east wall to compensate for the Western Wall, you can’t afford the debt.

Don’t borrow all kinds of certificates, and sign a blank contract in case the identity information is intended to be loaned.

Don’t vote in favor for confusing projects. Seeing is not necessarily true.


Speaker of the project: Li Chao, a member of the Li Chao Internet Financial Security Media Lecturer Group and a senior reporter of the China Youth Daily, said that the current campus loan (2014-present) is split into the following four types:

1. Targeting college students on the installment platform also provide a lower amount of cash loan services. For example, staging, fun staging, etc.

2. It is a P2P loan platform. Providing student loans and venture capital loan services for college students. Such as technology investment loans, famous school loans and so on.

3. Credit services provided by traditional e-commerce platforms. For example, JD.com, which are provided by Jingdong, and any flower buds provided by Alipay.

4. An illegal, black-box operation of the campus loan platform. Institutions or individuals in the name of campus loans to college students in the form of usury, bare lending.


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Once you are caught in a “routing loan”, you should immediately report to the police and seek assistance from the lawyer for the first time to seek remedial measures. At the same time, you should have a word with your loved ones and friends, don't hide because you are afraid or love your face. When no one can repay the loan, it is likely that the criminal suspect deliberately let the victim breach the contract, and should apply for a notification in advance. If you encounter a forceful collection, you should immediately report to the police and take precautionary measures and evidence collection in progress if conditions permit.