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My story about studying abroad Miss Universe is still a talented girl of Zhijiang Business School. She said, "I believe, so I can."
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Beauty contest charming girl, Australian National University of Applied Finance professional top student. The two labels don't seem to have much to do with each other. But a student of Zhijiang College linked them together. She said, "To be the master of life is to be the wise man of life." With her unique personality and the spirit of fighting, the newly graduated girl got the acceptance notice from Australian National University last year. In this issue, let's step into Jin Jiayu, a financial management major at the 2014 level, and listen to the story behind this double-faced beauty.



The Australian National University , referred to as ANU, is a located in The Australian capital Canberra's world famous public comprehensive research University, was founded in 1946, is Australia's first research University, is also The international alliance of research universities (IARU), University of The Pacific rim alliance (APRU), The Australian Eight school alliances (Group of Eight), University of astronomical research association (AURA) members.It is the only institution established by the commonwealth parliament of Australia and the only one with the highest national university qualification in Australia.


Canberra, the seat of the Australian National University, is located at the bottom of the open valley in the Australian Mountains and is known as the Garden City of Oceania.



Kangaroos are often seen in Australia, especially in Canberra.



Australian Birds


Something about going abroad



The reason why Jin Jiayu chose to study abroad is very simple. "Having stayed at home for more than twenty years, I would like to have a look at the outside world." In her opinion, traveling abroad and studying abroad are two different mentalities. "At any time in my life, I can choose to travel abroad, but the dream of studying abroad can only be realized in my Shaohua period."

At the time of graduation, after following her father's advice, Jin Jiayu took Australia as her destination for study. She believes that Australia's two-year study life can help students understand the curriculum more deeply than the one-year master's program in the UK. At the same time, after completing a two-year master's degree in Australia, international students can get a two-year work visa, which provides a buffer time for students who have just come out of the Ivory Tower to formally take up their jobs. Jin Jiayu feels this is a good opportunity. "After graduation, I can choose whether to return or stay in Australia according to my own situation, so that I can choose more."

Perhaps she was born with the courage to venture. She was a financial professional, but chose the application of finance as her research direction. "Financial management is more focused on obtaining relevant certificates, and the financial specialty I choose can enhance the strength of my industry. So it's a good choice for me to open up a new direction for graduate students.




Jin jiayu, who is not a costume performer, just tried to participate in the Miss Universe contest at the very beginning."Australia has a long summer vacation, during which I applied for an internship in the 'big four'.The rest of the time I hope to be able to develop other areas of expertise.

Although jin jiayuyu was a member of the etiquette team of the art troupe of primary colors in the business school during her college years, she had many experience in walking shows, but she was still nervous in the face of a bigger stage."Most of the contestants I competed with were from related majors, and most of them had won awards before this competition.This is my first time to take part in this competition.So it's very challenging for me.In order to better adapt to the stage, she studied the competition system and signed up for a week of model training to improve her skills.Even in her spare time, she watches past competitors.In the process of preparation, jin jia yu's enterprise also gradually strengthened.Because of what we have done, we hope to win more.

Miss Universe's candidacy values the contestants' inner and outer qualities more.This requires girls to maintain an interesting soul while maintaining their appearance."I thought this kind of competition was just about showing off their bodies or their special talents, but I found that was not the case."Jin said each contestant tried his best to show his best side in the competition, and she was deeply impressed by the positive energy and atmosphere of her peers."I made a lot of friends in the camp after the finals.We also learn from each other in private, which benefits me a lot.

With excellent appearance, elegant speech.Although it is the first time to participate in the finals, jin jia yu still entered the finals of the 26.For her, the process is far more important than the ranking."If it does not delay my duty, I should like to have a try, if there should ever be such an opportunity.After all, this experience has taught me a lot.


Jin Jiayu's practice in Deloitte the Big Four Accounting Firms


In the instructor jiang angwei's eyes, this is an ambitious girl.As a student of ACCA class of finance, she has much heavier academic pressure than other students majoring in finance."Almost every night I could see her reading in the self-study classroom. When other students were struggling with exams, she had passed all the ACCA certificates and got high marks in ielts.Very outstanding student!"

In the process of ACCA exam, jin jiayuyu once fell into a bottleneck."I failed the P1 test because I was careless after I passed the F stage at one time."This also happened in the following exams, even some subjects failed twice.The result was not satisfactory.But jin jiayu's body has a tenacity, with a cavity brave, she constantly struggle with the exam."I think the exam is a process of persistence. As long as I get a higher score than last time, even if I fail the second time, I will still be full of confidence to take the exam for the third time.I know I can do it.I believe that no effort will be in vain, failure is the mother of success.

How to balance study and entertainment?Jin jiayu also gave her own answer to this question."I usually set a learning goal for myself.As long as I finish this goal, I think it is reasonable to do other things.I think it's a good balance to add to your learning skills and develop additional interests.

The former finance major also made a lot of Suggestions for his fellow business school students.Jin jiayu believes that in addition to further study, graduation and employment is also a good choice.But if you want to find a job, the first thing you need to do is to improve the quality of your resume."When business school students are looking for a job, employers place a high value on a candidate's credentials.After all, this is the fastest way to learn about a person's strength.Besides, internship is also the most important part of job hunting."If there's an opportunity, do it outside of your home office, and only when you're in the workplace will you be able to assess whether it's consistent with your original career vision and where you want to go in the future."

When asked about her future plans, the activist girl said that she hopes to stay in Australia for an internship after graduation."Of course the future will still be dominated by returning to China for development.If there is an opportunity, I still hope to enter the Big Four to do the job, which can bring me more opportunities.It's a vision of mine, and of course I'm going to keep working on it."