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Our college held the 43th zhijiang Forum
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On 5.9, the 43th zhijiang Forum was held in the Xingjian Building’s 117 lecture hall. Professor Xu Wenyao, deputy head of the Chinese academy of sciences' popular science lecture group, gave a special lecture titled "if the earth is no longer habitable". The whole school more than 200 teachers and students listened to the speech.

   In the lecture, Xu Wenyao first started from the science fiction film stray earth, introduced three stories between three generations in the film to the teachers and students present, from which three questions were raised: why do you want to escape the earth? How to escape the earth? Where to flee? He explained the evolution of the sun, solar energy, red giants and helium flashes in detail, answered why we need to escape the earth, and pointed out that science fiction is not science. He then scientifically explained how to escape earth from the perspectives of earth's rotation, cosmic speed, heavy element fusion, forced flight, Jupiter capture, the roche limit and tidal rip. Then, he answered the question of where to flee from the three aspects of proxima centauri, the three-body problem and the moon, and proposed that only by learning science well can one understand "stray earth". At the end of the lecture, he listed the work and efforts made by human beings in the exploration of the universe, said that people on earth do not stay in science fiction, and encouraged young college students to learn scientific and cultural knowledge.

Before the lecture, wang Hejiang, vice President of the college, met with the professor Xu Wenyao and introduced the basic situation of the college.

About the keynote speaker:

Xu wenyao is the deputy head of the Chinese academy of sciences, old scientist science popularization speech group. He is a research fellow, institute of geology and geophysics, Chinese academy of sciences; professor, graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences; doctoral supervisor; vice-chairman, China.