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The students of our college have made great achievements in the 16th Zhejiang University Mechanical Design Competition
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Recently, the 16th Zhengyuan Cup Mechanical Design Competition for College Students was held in the New  Campus of Zhejiang Ocean University, located in Changshi Island, Zhoushan. The theme of this contest is "wisdom for the aged, warm sunset", which is divided into contest evaluation, theoretical defense, on-site defense, exchange and exhibition of works. Teams from 51 universities in the province competed fiercely with the entries, and eventually the students of the College of Mechanical Engineering of our college achieved good results again, winning 1 first prize, 2 second prize and 4 third prize in the undergraduate group, ranking first in the provincial independent college.

The college students'mechanical design competition is sponsored by Zhejiang University Science and Technology Competition Committee. The activities are aimed at cultivating the innovative design ability, comprehensive design ability and collaborative spirit of college students in the new era; strengthening the training of College Students' practical ability and engineering practice; promoting the reform of education and teaching, improving the mechanical design level of College students in the whole province; enriching and activating the academic atmosphere on campus, promoting Intercollegiate communication.

Appendix: List of winners

Award Level

Name of work



Provincial First Prize


Elderly Living Nursing and Fitness Bed


Wang Junyao, Luo Zhengyin

Ji Houxin, Wang Zhen ,Chen Zhan


Liu Fuqing, Yuan Linjiang



Provincial Second Prize

Fully automatic, smooth and convenient wheelchair for building climbing



Yu Binjie, Wei Rong, Wang Jie,

Gao Zejie, Wang Chen



Liu Jian and Qian Shaoming



Provincial Second Prize

Multifunctional chairs for the elderly



Ren Pengfei, Zheng Lejing, Chen Dongying, Lu Kaibo and Du Chunxiang



Jiang Lanfang



Provincial Second Prize

Automatic Opening and Heating Device for Bagged Traditional Chinese Medicine



Meng Yifei, Jinyin Fen, Yuan Yuan,Li Jiangnan,Du Wenjie


Cheng Guobiao



Provincial Third Prize

Exercise equipment for shoulder, waist, back and lower limbs of the elderly



Changbin, Hu Junmao, Pang Bo, Wang Jun and Xie Yixiang

Lin Yong and Qian Shaoming

Provincial Third Prize

"Enjoy Fitness, Love Life" Elderly Recreational Fitness Apparatus



Zhou Lihao, Yu Qiting, Jiang Xin,

Qi Huan and Shen Shunan



Liu Fuqin

Provincial Third Prize

Interesting fitness equipment for the elderly



Fang Yubing, Wang Sen, Lu Lifeng,Ni Hongyan and Cao Yijie



Tong Yuetang