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2019 graduation ceremony in ZhiJiang College
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On the afternoon of June 14, 2019 graduate graduation ceremony was held in the gym. Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee in Zhejiang University of Technology named HuWei, College-led, middle-level cadres, instructor, a teacher in charge of a class, teacher representative and students who are graduated by 2019 attended the ceremony. Some of the graduates' parents were also invited to witness the solemn and sacred moment.

Graduation is the end point but it also is the starting point. The 2019 students of Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology set sail from the harbor of Zhijiang River with their dreams after more than a thousand days and nights.

The college principal Li Penglin delivered a speech at the ceremony and gave congratulations and best wishes to all the graduates. He wanted the graduates to embrace change as the new round of education and innovation is about to come. He also hoped that the graduates would face the mission of the times, never stop, fight bravely, to write about the country and their own destiny.

There are his three hopes for graduates. First, graduates do not forget their original ideals and aspirations, sharpen their dreams forward, and live up to the great times in which they live in. With the motherland and the whole world in mind, they should link the development of the individual, the happiness of the family and the future of the country and the progress of the society and they strive to be the dreamers of the new era. Secondly, it is hoped that the graduates will study hard and make unremitting efforts to complete the height of their lives in the continuous struggle. When they enter the big stage of society, they can keep the desire to know and learn from good teachers and friends. In reading, they can learn in society, grasp the direction of social development with a sober mind, and live the beauty of life with the attitude of continuously struggling. Last, the graduates should have the courage to challenge, dare to be the first and to be the "to make a flood of water" of the new era innovation. They should always remember the alma mater’s "dare to be the first" training, embrace innovation, bravely start a business to create beauty and miracle, with the unique spirit of this generation which require them do not follow the public, dare to challenge the authoritative personality.

Graduate Representative Hua Jing express his deepest gratitude to alma mater, teachers and parents for their upbringing.

Representative of parents of graduates Zheng Jie express his sincere thanks for the full-hearted cultivation of the students and the best wishes for the development of the college.

Teacher representative Tong Chaohua sent blessings and messages from the teacher.

Outstanding alumni representative Zhou Yucheng shared his 9 years of working history and encouraged students to adhere to faith in the future study and work.

The college's 2134 graduates, with their dreams, set sail from Zhijiang Harbour.

The representative of the class of 2019 gave flowers to some parents, teachers, counselors, logistics staff, dormitory aunts and school guards to express the gratitude of all graduates to every teacher and staff of the alma mater.

In the following ceremony of the 2019 graduate degree award ceremony, Li Penglin made a "front-crown-set ear" to the graduates.