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Our students won the first prize in the national bio-network design competition
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Recently, the "2019 National Internet of Things Design Competition" ended successfully at Sichuan University. After fierce competition, the student team of our school guided by Dr. Zhang Zhi from the School of Information Engineering of our institute won 1 first prize and 1 second prize, achieving a breakthrough in the first prize of our Institute at the national level.

"National University Bio-networking Design Competition" is an application-innovative science and technology competition centered on Internet of Things technology. According to the competition, it is hoped that through the competition, students' innovative thinking, collaborative spirit and practical ability can be trained effectively, combine subject education with skill construction organically. Then, form a composite talent evaluation measurement standard gradually, further promote the construction of related projects in the domestic Internet of Things, Train more and more urgent IoT technologies and apply talents for all sectors of society.

The “National University Bio-networking Design Competition” is the only subject competition in the field of Internet of Things sponsored by the Computer-based Professional Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. The contest attracted more than 2,000 teams from more than 560 universities such like Wuhan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Tongji University and so on. The contest attracted many well-known enterprises in the Internet of Things, such as Huawei, Baidu, TI, ZigBee, New World, etc., to participate in the proposition, which played a significant role in the construction of professional construction and talent training in the domestic Internet of Things.

Award-winning project

Major and class



 Award level

Raspberry Pi-based IoT security detection platform

Computer 1804

Liu Qiqi

Zhang Zhi

National First Prize、

East China Special Award

Software Professional 1701

Yu Ruizhe

Electronic Professional 1802

Mao Menglin

Dynamic topology ultra-wideband indoor positioning system

Electronic Professional 1704

Ying Jiehan

Zhang Zhi

National Second Prize、

East China Special Award

Software Professional 1801

Wang Yiqin

Software Professional 1801

Huang Wenhui

Software Professional 1801

Jin Yuchen

Fruit compartment detection system based on millimeter wave radar and NB-IoT

Electronic Professional 1703

Zhang Ming

Zhang Zhi

East China Second Award

Software Professional 1801

Wu Wenqi

Electronic Professional 1804

Wang Zhoutao

Electronic Professional 1804

Wang Zhimei


Enclosure: Winners


Photograph of the First Prize winner of our school to receive the award