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The team of our college got great grades in the
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Recently, the 2019  Open Source Space Hackathon Competition of Ningbo China competed fiercely in the Sinadi Open Space of Ningbo Software Park. Through 36-hour of competition, the team led by Dr. Zhang Zhi from the School of Information Engineering won a second prize and an excellence award in this competition.

The Hackathon Competition is the abbreviation of the hacker marathon. It is the "world's coolest developer carnival" that gathers many developers (hackers) to concentrate on developing and creating works at designated locations and a specified time. With the theme of “The future of the intelligent age has come”, this competition takes artificial intelligence, intelligent life and intelligent manufacturing as the three application development directions, and invites more than 150 domestic and foreign top programming experts, industry enthusiasts and college students to form more than 20 pieces. These participating teams gathered in Ningbo. Our students were competing with the top students from Korea's Sejong University, Korea University, National University, Busan University and other top Korean universities, as well as top universities as Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Fudan University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc. And ours were determined to be high with them . During the 36-hour competition, the teams participated in the design, development and improvement of their respective projects. Through the demonstration and review, 12 teams won.