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Teachers and students of our college participated in the "Nongxin Cup", the 2nd Zhejiang college students rural revitalization creative competition in summer vacation
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"Nongxin Cup" the 2nd Zhejiang college students rural revitalization creative competition was officially launched on May 15-16 in Yuyao City, Ningbo. The competition includes three types: bidding village track, self-selected village track and "beautiful courtyard" special track. Teachers and students of our college actively participated in it. They enrolled for 4 groups in the bidding village race track, 2 groups in self-selected race track, and "beautiful courtyard" special race track, and carried out in-depth and detailed storage research during the summer vacation.


(1)Bidding village track research in Dongfengkeng village’s research - Wang Tao


During the summer vacation from July 28 to July 30, five students of our college from the group of rammed earth building community protection planning in the design of the bidding village track of "Nongxin Cup" Rural Revitalization Creative Competition, led by teacher Wang Tao of our college, carried out relevant investigation and questionnaire interview in Shimenkeng village (Dongfengkeng village), Dongming Township, Xinchang County, Shaoxing City.


The integration of the whole village and nature in Shimenkeng is very characteristic. Each building is built on the mountains, layer upon layer, and the architecture and environment seem to grow out of the land, which is the Potala-style architectural community in Xinchang. Rammed earth building is warm in winter and cool in summer, with high historical value, but it has a low utilization. Due to the inconvenience of transportation, the transportation cost of tools is large and part materials are damaged severely. They didn’t get good repair. The repair of some buildings is quite different from the appearance of the original ramming construction, which is more abrupt and damages the beautification of the village. As time goes on, Shimenkeng Village may lose its vitality. However, I also saw the efforts made by all parties to explore the development opportunities of Shimenkeng. At the foot of the village, they planned to create a walkway with new rammed earth buildings that will be used as a home stay facility in the future.

Some of the tea planting fields near the village are decorated with artistic landscape and architectural sketches to add interest of the sightseeing.


During the site survey, each building in the village was positioned one by one on the satellite image, and various information of rammed earth construction community was collected, and scenic spots around the village were explored. We had a face-to-face interview with villagers to understand their feelings and practical needs of ramming construction community.


On the last day of the investigation, I received an appointment interview from Xinchang TV station, and further discussed and communicated with Mr. Liu, the director of TV station, Mr. He, the famous calligrapher, Mr. Zhu, Mr. Zhang and some villagers of Shimenkeng to explore the characteristics of rammed earth architecture, calligraphy culture and the future development way of Shimenkeng.

(2) "Beautiful courtyard" special competition - Yu Lei


On June 25, Zhejiang province "Nongxin Cup" the second Zhejiang province college students rural revitalization creative competition special competition and Linhai City's first "Beautiful Courtyard" creative construction competition opened in Linhai City. Pass draft audition works through the network, and 30 teams of college teachers and students from Zhejiang province and 10 professional designer teams gathered in Linhai, Taizhou college campus, go to Linhai’s Jiutai Ditch, Juntou, Bairuo, Nanhu, Xinxing, Xiazhang 6 "beautiful courtyard building village", is designed and built with local villagers in more than 40 beautiful courtyards, after two months handing over the beautiful paper.


Yu Lei, a teacher majoring in landscape architecture in our college, led seven students from grade 17 to discuss the courtyard design plan with the village leaders during their stay in Jiutai Ditch Village. Conducting field study planning, discussing weed removal and flower border design; discussing the reconstruction design of the facade of the house, on the basis of retaining the original features of the house, adding a stroke of vitality.


This is our students' first landing project competition from design to construction to perfection. After the sun insolates, worm midge bites, typhoons, contrasting with the difficulties of lack of funding, depended on professional high passion and perseverance to persist, successfully finished our contest works to the leadership in the village and villagers with a satisfactory answer, and don't live up to our college’s professional guidance and cultivation.