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The college held a security work conference on comprehensive management of public security (anti-terrorism)
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On the afternoon of September 16, the College Comprehensive Management Security Conference was held at 215 Xingjian Building. Chen Jinyou, deputy dean of the college, attended and spoke, and all members of the comprehensive management (anti-terrorism) committee of the college participated.

Chen Jinyou summed up the campus safety work in the first half of 2019 and fully affirmed the work of various departments (units). Chen Jinyou conveyed the spirit of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education on doing a good job in the safety of colleges and universities, cracking down on "campus loans", and interpreting the specific requirements of the 55 "anti-fraud" measures issued by the Shaoxing Municipal Public Security Bureau. And the special security work of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China was deployed. Chen Jinyou pointed out that the "70th Anniversary of the National Day" is not only a major event for the Chinese, but also a major event in the world. Since the current social situation is complicated. Various anti-China forces are eyeing China. We must resolutely do a good job in the daily security and stability of the campus, and spare no effort to ensure that the work of "safely escorting the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China" is carried out in an orderly manner. In this regard, he specifically put forward "5 no" and "5 works": that is, no major Political events, no mass incidents, no violent incidents, no vicious public security incidents, no major security incidents; seize political ideology work, grasp fire safety work, do a good job in preventing telecommunication network fraud, and seize anti-drug propaganda work, pay close attention to traffic safety and food hygiene. All departments are required to implement safety work for everyone, and to each link, to every detail.

At the meeting, the Ministry of Security reported on the traffic rectification, special group ideology and fire safety inspection of the college in the first half of the year.