Discipline Development
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Weapon System and Applied Engineering (WSAE), one of the B-class key disciplines of Institutions of Higher Education in Zhejiang Province, was established in 2005. It consists of more than 20 researchers, such as professor Fang Zhimin and JiangWei and senior engineer Sheng Qiangguan. Among them, three are doctors, and six have long been engaging in national defense and military projects.

WSAE is based on the Institute of Special Equipment of Zhejiang University of Technology, with its main research direction being the shipboard weapon launcher and servo-controlled system, including rapid conveying system of missiles and rockets, structural design of shipboard rocket weapon system and servomechanism of shipboard weapon.

So far, the research of shipboard weapon servomechanism has taken the lead in home and reached the international advanced level. Since its establishment, WSAE have carried out a number of military scientific research projects which spent tens of millions. Rather, the discipline has been undertaking a tendering project of Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, and several projects funded by Natural Science Foundation and Education Department of Zhejiang Province.