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Notice on Strengthening the Management of Final Examination Course Assessment
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Secondary Colleges (Departments):

  Course assessment is an important means of evaluating students' learning quality and promoting their development. Course assessment plays an important guiding role in the construction of teaching quality and style of study. From June 17 to June 28, 2019, we will enter the examination week of the second semester of the 2018/2019 academic year. In order to strengthen the management of curriculum assessment and improve the construction of examination style, according to the Interim Management Measures for Undergraduate Course Assessment of Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology. The final course assessment is now notified as follows:

1.Requirements for Course Assessment

1.Make clear the examination requirements before the examination and improve the quality of the proposition.

Each secondary college (department) should take the final course assessment as an important work, promote the combination of formative evaluation and summative evaluation according to the requirements of the curriculum syllabus, clarify the requirements of each link of the course assessment, and gradually implement the separation of examination and teaching.

At least two sets of papers with the same difficulty and coverage are prepared for each course examination. One of the papers is selected by the Ministry of Education as the final examination paper; The content of A, B papers should not exceed 15% during the three consecutive years. Strictly control the test paper proposition, the proposer of the test paper should be responsible for the quality of the test paper, prevent the occurrence of paper surface errors, the test paper should be strictly examined and confirmed by the professional person in charge (director of the teaching and research department) or the dean of the Teaching Department of the secondary college.

2. Intensify supervision and management in the examination and take the discipline seriously

Strict implementation of invigilation rules and strict examination room discipline. Secondary colleges (ministries) should implement the concept of "Grasping the construction of examination style, teachers are the key" to specific measures, ensure the allocation of invigilators, emphasize the responsibilities of invigilators (Annex 2), and the second-level colleges (ministries) or teachers responsible for the assessment courses must be responsible for training or guiding the new invigilators: require strict verification of candidates' certificates; timely clearance; invigilators should not do anything unrelated to invigilation; for those who violate discipline, they should extract relevant evidence of violation of discipline in time, fill in relevant forms, and send it to the Ministry of Education immediately after the completion of the assessment.

3. Carry out careful evaluation and analysis of examination papers after the examination, and standardize filing work.

At the end of the course assessment, all secondary colleges (departments) should strictly follow the relevant regulations for marking, grading and reviewing. When conducting the curriculum combining formative evaluation with summative evaluation and evaluating the students' total scores, the requirements of formative evaluation should be implemented, and the evaluation should be made according to the gradual achievement of the students' curriculum learning objectives, the students' performance in the learning process, the achievements achieved and the development of the knowledge, ability and attitude reflected, and a true and complete record of the results should be taken as the basis to ensure that the students' overall scores are achieved. Justice and fairness to all students. After the examination, do a good job in the quality analysis, examination, evaluation, examination data archiving and so on.

4. Pay attention to the link of make-up examination and strengthen the management of make-up examination

Attention should be paid to the supplementary examination, and the management of the supplementary examination should be standardized in strict accordance with the requirements of the normal examination. A valid certificate must be checked in the make-up examination. Material for make-up examination should also be well filed.

II. Disciplinary Inspection of Curriculum Assessment

The College has set up a Discipline Inspection Team for Course Assessment. The list is as follows:

Group leader: Pan Haihan

Members: Song Guoqin, Wang Jundong, Wang Linxiang, Cao Qi, Dai Shengyou, Wang Fuhe

Responsibilities of Discipline Inspection Team for College Course Assessment:

(1) To organize the course assessment and inspection work of the College, and to inform the relevant situation in a timely manner.

(2) Coordinating and dealing with problems arising in the course assessment in a timely manner;

(3) To put forward requirements for the curriculum assessment of secondary colleges;

(4) Receiving reports from teachers and students, verifying and dealing with relevant issues.

The College set up the final exam to reflect the telephone and mailbox, telephone: 81112766, mailbox:

Secondary colleges (ministries) should establish corresponding discipline inspection teams for curriculum assessment, strengthen the construction of examination style and discipline, and ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of final examinations.

Attachment: 1. Checklist of Examination Sites of Zhijiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology

2. Summary of supervisory teachers 'duties in Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology

3. Final Examination Proposals of Zhijiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology

4. Summary of Curriculum Assessment Rules and Disposal Measures for Violation of Discipline of Zhijiang College, Zhejiang University of Technology