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【Rectification under theme education】According to the opinions put forward during the theme education, the Logistics Service and Business Development Center is under rectification
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During the school's education with the theme of "Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" , the Logistics Service and Business Development Center received questions and suggestions on logistics services. In response to these feedback, the logistics department conducted analysis and inspection of its work, and the relevant rectification was announced as follows:


1. The price of dishes in Qunxian Building has increased significantly; the dishes in the cabin canteen are always wet and unsanitary.


Rectification measures: the center has required contractors to increase the supply of low-grade dishes, and strengthen inspection and supervision. Once the price of dishes exceeds the specified value, it will stop it immediately and put an end to such situation.


2. The breakfast supply of the cabin canteen is not guaranteed.


Rectification measures: the breakfast supply mode has been changed since October 28 to solve the problem of food insulation and increase the variety of food. At the same time, the center has added personnel to ensure the service during the peak period of breakfast.


3. Two weeks ago, when I went to buy steamed bread for three consecutive days, I came back empty handed. The main reason for this result is that some people outside the school buy more than ten steamed bread at a time. Why can the welfare of teachers and students be enjoyed by people outside the school?


Rectification measures: continue to control the quantity of steamed bread purchased, and increase the supply of steamed bread appropriately to avoid such situation from happening again.


4. Logistics charges are on the high side. Some students think the price of the second floor of the canteen is on the high side. The canteen should publicize the charging standard. Students suggest that the canteen on the first floor be open on Saturday.


Rectification measures: due to the serious increase in the price of meat and other raw materials during the opening period, the prices of some restaurants fluctuated in the short term. At present, through strengthening management and other means, the prices of dishes have become stable, and the prices of dishes in the college's restaurants have always been at a medium low level compared with those in the surrounding Brother colleges.


The problem of high price in the restaurant on the second floor: adopt the maximum price limit for some dishes, and increase the supply of medium and low-grade dishes according to the needs of teachers and students.All the dishes in the restaurant are marked clearly. If you have any questions, please contact the assistant manager.


About the suspension of the first floor dining hall on Saturday: in view of the small number of dining staff on weekends and ensuring the rest time of the staff in the dining hall, the center has taken the measures of wrong time service on weekends in the first and second floor dining rooms, hoping that the students can understand.


5. Rats in the students' dormitory:students suggest that glass should be installed outside the balcony of the dormitory on the first floor.


Rectification measures: the Institute regularly carries out deratization in spring and autumn (April and October) every year. According to the actual situation of this year, the center will carry out deratization again from November 13 to 14, and further strengthen the cleaning of the surrounding environment. At the same time, please pay attention to the dormitory sanitation and clean up the indoor food waste in time.


6. Hangzhou Campus Management:


1) It is required to delay the turning off time of street lights (now turn off the lights at 5 a.m.).


Rectification measures: from October 29, the time of turning off street lights in Hangzhou campus has been extended to 5:30 in the morning.


2) It is required to repair and maintain the public pipes (rainwater pipes, sewer pipes) and other facilities in the residential area; because most buildings need to be replaced for a long period of time; the outer wall falls off and some other property maintenance (ownership problem).


Rectification measures: the center has properly solved the reported repair and relevant property maintenance projects within the scope of capability.


3) The promotion of garbage classification requires the distribution of garbage bags, bins, etc.


Rectification measures: the center has assisted residents to report such problems to relevant functional departments.