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The College Held the Ninth Session of "New Youth Month Talks" on Students‘ Ideological and Political Work
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A few days ago, college student ideological and political work "New Youth Month Talk", the 9th activity was held in 117 lecture hall of Xingjian Building.

Zhu Minzhong, advisor of Xi Jinping Thought Institute on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for A New Era and senior teacher of the ideological and political affairs department, shared a special topic titled "Never Forget the Original Intention and Keep the Mission in Mind". Leaders of the Youth League Committee of the College, representatives of the college students' Xi Jinping Thought Seminar on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for A New Era, and more than 200 students from all levels of the college participated in the activity.


In the activity, Zhu Minzhong firstly elaborated the significance of "Never Forget the Original Intention and Keep the Mission in Mind" from two aspects of historical origin and historical background. Then, he reviewed the rapid development of China in the past 40 years from the perspective of the world, national conditions and party conditions, analyzed the current economic difficulties and environmental pollution problems, and emphatically analyzed the important value and practical implication of the concept of "Two Mountains". He also cited the unbalanced development between urban and rural areas as an example to illustrate the current problems that China has faced in development and pointed out that hard work is still a fine tradition that contemporary people should vigorously carry forward, especially for college students. He believed that "Never Forget the Original Intention" was a profound explanation of the Party's purpose and mission, a conscious exercise of the Communist Party's revolutionary spirit, and a conscious observance of the laws of history and the trend of the Times. At the end of the lecture, he encouraged the students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, carry forward the spirit of innovation, strengthen political responsibility, and develop into people who can study, live and work.


During the activity, teachers and students spoke freely about the theme and had a heated exchange on how to further carry out the theme education of "Never Forget the Original Intention and Keep the Mission in Mind".