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Zhijiang College Held a Job Fair for 2020 Graduates
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On November 7, the autumn job fair for the class of 2020 graduates was held in the gymnasium. President of Zhijiang college Li Penglin, party secretary Zheng Yaping, deputy party secretary Huang Xinmin, the officer of China (Hangzhou) cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test office, Hangzhou human resources and social security bureau, Shaoxing human resources and social security bureau, Hangzhou employment service center, Keqiao district human resources and social security bureau and other relevant functional departments, and the person in charge of relevant functional departments and secondary schools of our college visited the job fair to guide the work.

More than 320 corporations and institutions participated in this job fair, including Baoye Group, Seiko Holding, Daikin Air Conditioner corporation, AB Inbev, WANFENG AUTO HOLDING GROUP, Hangxiao Steel Structure, Xi Lin Men corporation, YinTai, Deppon and other large listed companies, well-known enterprises at home and abroad. At the same time, Hangzhou university students fall job fair cross-border e-commerce zone in Zhijiang college and 2020 graduates "stay in Shaoxing" special job fair held, and more than 160 companies organized to participate in the fair, applying a total of more than 4,200 jobs and internships.

Based on the advantages of previous years, this autumn recruitment presents four highlights:

  1. Cross-border e-commerce enterprises attend the conference to find excellent people. In order to accelerate the formation of a competitive advantage for talents in cross-border e-commerce industry and create an optimal cross-border e-commerce ecological circle, Hangzhou municipal comprehensive pilot office and Hangzhou municipal bureau of human resources and social security organized a delegation to attend the job fair. With the regional and professional advantages of Hangzhou metropolitan area, the first batch of graduates majoring in e-commerce in our college are in short supply, and the employment demand of e-commerce majors such as English, marketing, international economy and trade is also significantly higher than that of other majors.
  2. Employers maintain a strong demand for graduates in our college in 2020, and the demand for new driving force industry, supply chain management and other positions is stable and improving. With the further reform of supply side structured, Zhejiang province, in order to further consolidate the smart new kinetic energy industries such as manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing and high quality development, the graduates of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, automation, computer science and technology, project management and other professions due to meet in the process of industry transformation and upgrading of the rapid talent gap, are strong in the recent recruitment.
  3. Local advantageous industries continue to make efforts, and employment demand reaches a new peak. Relying on the policy advantage of "stay in Shaoxing" new talent policy 3.0 in 2019, Shaoxing local enterprises organized a delegation to attend the conference. Nearly 70% of the enterprises in this job fair came from Shaoxing, which is a record high. Traditional industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing, metal processing and textile industries have a great increasing demand for graduates majoring in mechanical engineering, automation, industrial engineering, e-commerce and industrial design.
  4. We held a special planning activity named "heart-warming gift · position waiting for you" to continue to deepen school-enterprise cooperation. In this recruitment fair, 8 high-quality employers were joined together, and a number of awards were specially set up, such as Active Job-hunting Award, Employment Intention award, Lucky Blindbox award, etc. More than 100 graduates were selected from the scene to get the exquisite gift package provided by the sponsors. We attribute to further build the resources platform of Zhijiang, enhance the brand influence of high-quality units, and realize "interconnection, development, innovation and win-win".


The college also held a special job fair named "college students’ employment and entrepreneurship career counseling on-site consulting meeting". This consultation specially invited executives from PWC, Yu Ce corporation and other well-known enterprises , experts from the universities employment entrepreneurship, "teachers are friends plan" career planning and development experts, senior consultant. A total of 13 expert advisory teamed together "on-site consultation” for college students’ difficult problems such as psychological problem, employment psychological adjustment and unriddling for entrepreneurship.


At the same time, experts found that compared with salary, fresh graduates pay more attention to the work environment, corporate culture and personal career interests, professional values and other consistent. It reflects the change of contemporary college students' employment concept, and they have more mature thinking and ideas in personal development and other issues. The consultation activity attracted more than 200 students, and due to limited reservations, they stood long lines. After on-site exchanges with tutors, students said that this consultation not only broadens their minds, but also clarifies their future employment direction. They benefited a lot.


First hand report

Asked employer:

Q: What aspects of the characteristics of fresh graduates you value more?

A: Foreign trade enterprises value students' language ability. Compared with previous years, the threshold of language ability has been improved, the relevant enterprise officials said they would first look at the students' language test level, students who master a second language will be more competitive advantage.

Sales enterprises pay more attention to the performance of students in the future learning. Now it is still in the stage of mutual understanding between students and enterprises, and students who want to stay in enterprises for further development and can use the knowledge taught by enterprises are more appreciated.

Service enterprises are mostly in the form of stores, so they hope to find students who will work in the enterprise for a long time, have the idea of promotion and who are outgoing.

Asked students:

Q: What do you want to say to junior students?

A: Computer science major students believes that computer science majors have their own projects will be better in the interview.

Graduates majoring in mechanical engineering want to tell their younger junior that personal resume and internship experience are relatively important, so they can seize some internship opportunities in the first and second year to exercise their ability.

Chinese language international education major senior said that some enterprises will care about the winter and summer vacation whether there is internship experience. They suggest younger junior earlier clear their positioning, understand the employment prospects for their own professional, apply for the company to find their favorites.