President Li Penglin Visited Alibaba
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On October 25,li penglin, president of the college, was invited to visit feitian park of alibaba aliyun headquarters for exchange. The school office, school of information engineering and other officials participated in the exchange activities.

With alibaba ali cloud and the Internet of things, head of the department of communication, peng-lin li pointed out that zhijiang academy as a practical demonstration of zhejiang province colleges and universities, adhering to the "demand oriented, fusion education, open education, common development" concept, look forward to working with alibaba and ali cloud and Iot group to carry out all-round cooperation, looking forward to the talent training, laboratory construction, Scientific and technological projects have achieved in-depth and substantial results in overcoming difficulties, building disciplines and platforms, and social training, etc. Li also introduced the recent cooperation, concepts and work plans of the Institute in the fields of the Industrial Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet and the International Standards for Intelligent Buildings, and looked forward to alibaba's participation in common development.

At the symposium, Aliyun and the person in charge of the Internet of Things Department introduced the construction of Aliyun Intelligence Park and the ideas, plans and modes of cooperation with colleges and universities. After exchanges and discussions, the two sides reached a broad consensus on strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises, as well as the construction of applied talents training institutes, industrial Internet laboratories, industrial Internet of Things training bases and other aspects, laying a good foundation for further in-depth implementation of the cooperation.

Li Penglin and other leaders also visited Alibaba's development history, corporate culture, development planning and layout.