Our institute has won two projects of education and production cooperation
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Recently, the ministry of education released the list of the first batch of production-learning cooperative education projects in 2018, and two projects of our school were approved.Among them, Tutor Xu from the information and engineering college declared "computer class university-enterprise cooperation to explore the new pattern" (supported by of the era of science and technology company called DaNei) for new project engineering construction, Tutor Jiang from the mechanical engineering college declared “the robot for new engineering practice teaching base and the platform to build "(supported by suzhou BoDaTe mechanical and electrical technology company ) conditions and practice base construction project.

It is reported that the ministry of education releases the guidance and the project approval list of the production and education cooperation project twice a year. The project guidance is published at the end of march and the end of July each year.The project types mainly include new engineering construction project, teaching content and course system reform project, teacher training project, practice condition and practice base construction project, innovation and entrepreneurship education reform project, innovation and entrepreneurship united fund project, etc.The working process is divided into three stages: the first one is the project design stage.The enterprise shall draft the project declaration guide, mainly including the project construction goal, declaration conditions, construction requirements, support measures, project application methods, etc. After the drafting, the enterprise shall communicate with the higher education department to determine the project content.The second:project approval stage.The department of higher education publishes the list of enterprise projects to universities and organizes them to declare. Universities declare projects to enterprises; On the premise of fairness and justice, enterprises independently organize project review and make the list of project approval public. The enterprise shall submit the list of project approval after publication to the department of higher education for examination and filing; The department of higher education publishes the project list for colleges and universities.The third is the Inspection and acceptance stage.The enterprise shall independently organize the project stage inspection, acceptance inspection, communication, etc. See the website of department of higher education of ministry of education for details:

In recent years, with the goal of building a first-class regional application-oriented university, the college has been committed to cultivating senior applied talents who can learn, work as officers and live in the society, vigorously promoting the integration and co-education of production and education, and launching a series of measures in the construction of practice base, reform of practice teaching mode and management of practice teaching process.Up to now, the college has approved 6 projects of the ministry of education, which have a good momentum.