School of Architecture
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The School of Architecture, which offers Bachelor’s degree of Architecture (five-year), Urban and Rural Planning and Landscape Architecture, currently has 528 undergraduates and more than fifty full-time teachers, including two professors, ten associate professors. It consists of three teaching and research sections in the study of Architecture, Urban Planning and Building Technology. The School of Architecture has had advanced facilities in professional design classrooms, art studios, professional reading rooms, multimedia classrooms, computer-aided design rooms, the Institute of Architectural Urban Design And Planning, as well as the Integrated Laboratory of Architecture,  which provides a good environment for teaching and research.

The mission of the School of Architecture is to educate professionals who will gain broad knowledge and skills in the management of the environmental, social, and aesthetic challenges of contemporary architectural practice, contributing to the socio-economic and cultural development of Zhejiang Province through responsible participation in the process of the design, construction and interpretation of the architecture, urban planning and landscape.