School of Mechanical Engineering
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The School of Mechanical Engineering (SME for short) was established in 1999. The School offers three major programs: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Automotive Engineering. Mechanical Engineering was approved as the provincial-level key major in December 2009. currently, the School has a strong faculty of 50 members with 42 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 13 associate professors. Among them, 12 teachers are doctors, and 3 teachers are candidates of the Zhejiang provincial “151 Talents Development Project”.

With excellent practical teaching conditions, the School of Mechanical Engineering has established a Mechanical Experiment Center and an Engineering Training Center. The Mechanical Experiment Center was approved as a provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center in 2010. The School has over 3,000 square meters for laboratories and research space with over 700 modern instruments and devices which amount to about 11.7 million RMB. So it takes a leading position in Zhejiang Province and even in the country.

The school covers 8 disciplines, i.e., Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture & Automation, Mechanical Design & Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Materials Processing Engineering, Industrial Engineering (Logistics Engineering), Industrial Designing, and Detection-and-Control Technology &Instrument. In the last three years, the School undertook over 45 cooperative research projects with government and enterprises. Sources of funding include the National Natural Science Fund, the Natural Science Fund of Zhejiang Province.

With a total of 920 enrolled undergraduates in 2014, SME cooperates with Zhejiang University of Technology to jointly cultivate well-educated, innovative students in each of our School’s three areas of specialization. Over the last three years, our students have won almost 24 national awards and over 295 provincial and municipal awards, making SME a leader among universities in Zhejiang Province offering similar major programs. Each year, almost 95% of our graduates are readily employed in their specialized field. Fostering international-minded and application-orientated engineering professionals is the primary goal of the School. Therefore, the School is very active in setting up linkages with overseas universities. Many students have been sent to the abroad universities for exchange or degree programs. Besides, there are more patterns of international cooperation available in the school, such as “2+2.5” double degree programs, “4+1.5” Master’s Degree programs, etc.