School of Foreign Languages
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The School of Foreign Languages runs two programs (English and Japanese) for undergraduate, and has over 600 full-time students and 70 faculty members, including two professors, seven associate professors, five foreign teachers and some senior professors outside the college. Among the faculty members, fifty-six teachers have got their MA degrees, two have got their doctoral degrees and two are doing their doctoral courses. The school has its subsections, the English Department, the Japanese Department, College English Teaching Division. In this school, there are modern teaching facilities such as language labs, multi-media audio-video classrooms, computer network classrooms and a wireless radio station. Actively engaged in organizing the teachers to participate in activities in some academic associations out of the college, the school has its teachers acting as member of Standing Council of China Association for the Philosophy of Language, deputy secretary-in-chief of Foreign Languages Association in Zhejiang Province, member of College English Teaching and Research Association in Zhejiang Province. It has developed its unique research areas in the philosophy of language and foreign language education. The task for the faculty members is to run the two above mentioned undergraduate programs and to teach English, French and Japanese to all the students in other schools. In the past few years, the performances by the students in nearly all the national foreign language proficiency tests (TEM4, TEM8, CET4, CET6 and JLL1) have successively been much better than those students in other colleges of the same kind over the country. For the undergraduate programs in the school, there is a special class each year for English majors who can learn Japanese as a sub-course at the beginning of college study. This is done to pave the way for the students to go on for further study at home and abroad and to get more job opportunities; the school has signed an agreement with Jiuzhou Foreign Language College in Japan to facilitate Japanese majors to pursuit further studies in Japan. In recent years, there has been a tendency that the rate of students’ going abroad for further study and their entering into postgraduate study is on the rise, and their employment rate has reached up to 95%. The school advocates the motto, “Learn both Chinese and Western cultures, and we adapt foreign things for our own purpose”. The faculty members will work together to cultivate the students the composite and versatile personnel who are both well educated with humanities and adjustable to the development of the society.