Department of P.E Education &Military
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Department of P.E Education &Military of Zhijiang College is founded in 2004 on the basis of the Sports Section. It includes Teaching and Researching office,Military and Education office,Team Competition office. We are staffed with 24 teachers, in which there are 4 external teachers, 2 professors, 4 teachers with vice-senior titles, 14 lecturers. Among the teachers , there are 11 masters ,1 master reading,1 national excellent athlete,1 national referee, 12 national level referee, we have published more than 200 papers and more than 10 books. At present, we offer PE required courses, PE elective courses, Physical health test,Health care course to all undergraduates. Besides, we assume the work of military training and team competition.

1. PE required course :For freshman and sophomore students, 32hours / semester. They can choose one of those that are basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, tennis, martial arts, aerobics, sports dancing, parade shape dancing, line dancing and other projects as their PE required courses.

 2. Sports common courses: PE teachers hand in the application to academic affairs office. after getting permission,all the undergraduates can take as an elective course。

3. Elective Courses:Open by Department of P.E Education &Military for all undergraduates. After getting the permission of college, students can choose one as their elective courses.

4. Health Care Class: Open for the weak, sick or disable students who are unfit for strenuous .The course is mainly studying health care knowledge.

5. Physical Health Test: for junior and senior students, primarily to monitor students' physical condition.

6. Military: Three weeks on the first summer vocation for the freshman. Including defense education, the soldier’s discipline, appearance and bearing, queues practice, housekeeping, shooting and other training programs, interspersed with 32 hours of teaching military theory.