School of Design
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The School of Design runs four programs , Industrial design, Product design, Environmental art design and Animation for undergraduates, and has over 700 full-time students and 50 faculty members, including 11 professors, 4 associate professors. There are the infant child products of zhejiang university of technology research center, Zhejiang university of technology/Beingmate industrial design Innovation and development center in Design school. Scientific research achievements of teachers fruitful in recent years, including 3 national projects, 3 provincial projects . Teachers published more than 50 papers , 29papers in class A journal. books and textbooks are published 20 totally.

School actively participate in the professional field of major events and promote the teachers' professional ability progress in competition, in order to contest to promote students' innovative ability training, the teachers to participate in and guide students to actively take part in all kinds of famous in the field of international and domestic cultural creative design competition, won various awards and more than 140, 2 items of international and national first prize, second prize 11 and 11 third prize; 7 items of provincial first prize, 24 item of second prize, third prize which is 36, other good, more than 50 items.

School has been committed to promoting international cooperation, actively promote international exchanges between students, encourage students to participate in overseas study programs, promote students to the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries in the international communication, feel the campus experience overseas activities. In 2013, the school of design with the University of Bridgeport for industrial design professional undergraduate "2 + 2", "3 + 1" project, the sino-foreign cooperation in industrial design class, training mode in line with international standards, familiar with the design of Chinese and western culture and industrial design education basic theory and application ability, has the high international design art appreciation level, to be involved in activities related to the industrial design in design work and so on development and management ability, applied senior specialized talents.