School of Science
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The School of Science runs programs in information and computing science for undergraduates. Currently there are about 200 undergraduates and 20 full-time teachers, including one doctoral supervisor, four master’s supervisors, two professors and thirteen associate professors, twelve of whom have got doctoral degrees. In the past three years, the faculty members in this school have done and been doing three projects funded by National Nature Science Fund, eight projects funded by Nature Science Funds of Zhejiang Province, and two major scientific research projects funded by enterprises, with thirty academic papers published in Class A journals which are cited by SCI, EI, ISTP, three academic monographs and five course books for high education.

The school has four laboratories for research in physics, chemistry, architectural physics, and information and computing science. It also offers a model course in advanced mathematics at the provincial level, and three other excellent courses in math modeling, probability and mathematical statistics, college physics.

The School of Science which also serves as a training base for Math Modeling in Zhijiang College has done a lot of work in organizing and supervising our students for their participation in the National Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contests. And the teams from our college that have entered for the contests have successively won prizes that ranked the top among the contestants from colleges of the same kind.  

The school highly values the cultivation of fundamental knowledge and skills reinforcing the education of creativity and elite consciousness. The employment rate of our graduates has been over 90 percent in the past few years.