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Notice on holding the preliminary Competition of Zhijiang University in Shaoxing 10th Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition
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In order to further carry forward the spite of “mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation”, actively encourage and support entrepreneurial innovation, strong atmosphere, thereby promoting entrepreneurial employment-driven work. According to the spirit of relevant documents of Shaoxing City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, it is decided to hold the preliminary competition of Zhijiang University of the 10th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition inShaoxing City. The implementation programme is hereby notified as follows.

①The theme of the competition

    “Vitality Shaoxing gather to create the Future”

②Competition rules

1.Project types and groups

The competition is held in the form of a project competition, divided into university groups, social groups, each project can only participate in one of the groups.

The entry items of the university group are the projects established by the colleges and universities in Shaoxing.

The social group focuses on high-end equipment, information technology, new materials, modern medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, agricultural services, rural e-commerce and other related industries in Shaoxing landing projects.

The award-winning items that have participated in the city's previous competitions are no longer included in the competition.

The office of the Competition Organizing Committee is located in the Employment Promotion and unemployment Insurance Department of Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of Human and Social Security, which is responsible for coordinating and organizing and implementing the work of the Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition.

  1. Award setting

1. There are 1 first prize, 2 second prize, 3 third prize, 6 winners and 8 encouragement

awards in each group. The award-winning project will be funded by 1000 yuan and 10000 yuan of venture capital. Among them, the first prize is 10000 yuan, the second prize is 5000 yuan, the third prize is 3000 yuan, the winning prize is 2000 yuan, and the encouragement award is 1000 yuan.

2. The university group set up the Outstanding instructor Award. Any teacher who

guides students to win the second prize or above in the competition is an excellent tutor (if one teacher guides more than one group of students to win, only according to the highest prize, does not repeat the award), according to the project to give a reward of 2000 yuan.

③Competition arrangement

1.Registration (16 September-15 October 2019)

The participating team will send the registration information form of Shaoxing 10th

Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition (Annex 1), the Project Application form of Shaoxing 10th Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition (Annex 2), the business plan and PPT e-mail to Jiang Liu’s email:, and a paper draft to Xingjian Building 311. if you have any questions, please call 0575-8111275.

2.Preliminary round (15 October-25 October 2019)

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will organize experts from inside and

outside the college to evaluate and select a certain number of contestants to enter the rematch (time and mode of preliminary competition to be announced).

3.Rematch (1 November-10 November 2019)

The organizing committee invited entrepreneurial mentors, experts, scholars and investors to conduct a comprehensive evaluation according to the roadshows recommended by various districts, counties (cities) and colleges and universities to determine each group of finalists, 12 finalists and 8 incentive awards in each group. The specific time and place will be announced.

4.Final (mid-late November 2019)

The competition organizing committee invited entrepreneurial mentors, experts, scholars and investors to form a field evaluation panel, using the project team to explain on the spot, and the jury decided the first, second, third prize and winning prize with the mode of asking questions and scoring on the spot. The specific time and place will be announced.

5.Follow-up service

The competition organizing committee supports the entry of the award-winning projects into the local entrepreneurship park, HaiZhihui Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, helps the contestants build a platform for docking with venture capital institutions, provides continuous entrepreneurial guidance and training, and gives policy support such as guaranteed loans to start-up loans and project support in accordance with regulations.

④Instructions for registration

1.Enroll in the competition

Participants may declare individually or as a team (the team filer must be an enterprise legal person representative and hold no less than 30% of the shares).

2.Project conditions

(1) The industrial and commercial registration of the participating entity shall not exceed

three years (registered after 1 September 2016);

(2) In accordance with national laws and regulations and the national industrial policy, it shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others;

(3) it has good economic benefits, social benefits, operating norms and good social credibility;

(4) It has not accepted investment or only accepted early investment (seed wheel, angel

wheel or round A investment);

(5) Master unique products, technologies or business models with greater investment value.